Bike that looks like a motocross motorcycle

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    Can someone please help me identify a bike that came out in the 80's that looked like a motocross (dirk bike) motorcycle? This bike had red plastics all over it and looked like a honda motorcycle. I'm searching for my son. If you know a manufacture you may also know where I can find one. Thanks for your help.
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    there is a company called moto-bike that is currently building and selling bicycles that look like modern honda motocrossers. check with them if you can. i remember back then, those bikes were badged as yamaha, but i'm not sure if they were build by yamaha. i think there was a kawasaki version as well.
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    I had one when i was 14 or 15 i liked to do jumps and on that bike i went about twelve feet up in the air and then nose dived straight down too the ground landing on my head, almost broke my neck, since then i never wanted too see one of those heavy replica moto x`s ever again,my friend has one in his back yard would you like me to inquire about it for ya?
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    How about the old huffy monoshocks, they were fun. Anyone seen one of them lately?
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    The yamaha moto-bike was indeed built by yamaha. I have one (I'm the lucky original owner!) It has front and rear shocks, a sweet banana seat, and was fun to ride, though really heavy. there are sites that are specific to this bike and restoring it. the original moto-bike was only around for about 2 years, '75, '76. you could ride huge wheelies on it because the back shock would help you stay balanced for long distance. it was yellow and I believe only came in that color.
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    Just about everybody made a motocross style bike.

    Starting in the mid 70's, just about every bicycle company that made kids bikes made motocross styled bikes. They then evolved into BMX bikes. I just bought a NOS full suspension CCM version and have an incomplete (but minty) front suspension only verson. The Yamahas are one of the more collectable/expensive ones.

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    like this one?

    77 huffy - CLASSIC

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    I was thinking about 2 bikes

    The first one is a 90's Roadmaster but it definitely doesn't look like a dirt bike


    The second one is a mid 70's Yamaha Moto-Bike, matches a bit more with your definition.

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    Anyone one know where I can get front shocks for MX

    Can anyone help me out here?
    Looking for front shocks & seat for that type of bike that looks like a motorcycle.
    I will pay cash for these parts if available for sale.
    They don't have to be perfect.