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Tullahoma, TN


I live for the CABE
SCARCE c1921 READING STANDARD ANTIQUE BICYCLE/Great Western/100% original loop-frame - $1150

Very unique and rare early 1920s example from Great Western Manufacturing, in LaPorte, Indiana. Nearing 100 years old. It is 100% original and is out of my personal collection. My collection encompasses the entire span of Great Western's history.

A bit of history: Reading Standard bicycles were originally made/assembled in Reading, Pennsylvania (c1895)and after 1912-ish were made via contract by Great Western. After WWI(1918) the contract was void, and GW acquired the name and badge-rights to produce the bike as their own. Of course, the Reading Standard name became universally famous as a result of the superb motorcycles. Quite a number of ads exist for the R-S model bicycle after GW's acquisition, and the success of other ornamental frames lead to decent sales of this frame design. It was known for its loop-frame with the green spear-point head.

That is exactly what you see. This bike is complete, save for the original grips and pedals. The reproduction "bulldog" grips shown are included, as is the youth saddle.

FRAME is an adult/28" tire size. The unique feature is obviously the loop/ornamental addition/support. Fenders are straight and no obvious damage.

BADGE - Brass, is in beautiful condition, and reflects the R-S design out of PA.

PAINT is brown, a color exclusive to GW, and also popularized by the Mead Rangers of the teens era. GW also made plenty of Meads starting 1910+. This paint has been preserved about as much as it can be. Plenty of chips and paint loss. The green spear-head and skeletal darts are easily seen.

TIRES/WHEELS - tires are a matching NOS-pair of Goodyears. Hold air for display and a bit of riding. Super-nice condition considering they are near 100 years old. Sealer may be necessary for longer air-retention. Rims are steel-over wood. Overall surface rust and plating is gone. Some pitting near valve hole on front rim. Wheels are straight and solid. Rear stand is original to bike.

CRANK/SPROCKET - Fauber-stamped snowflake sprocket design. This is probably among one of the last stamped sprockets, as stock was used up during this period. Crank is not Fauber, as this dates this bike. The crank-housing was enlarged and the cranks were no longer stamped. Pedals are Torrington #10, not original to this bike.

HANDLEBARS - straight/no damage/nickel plating is completely gone. Slight pitting in areas.

SEAT - original for juvenile (not full-size), who was probably the original owner. Unique model, leather has separated in front. Easy to secure for display if desired. Seat post shows nice nickel below frame line. Seat frame is rusty overall.

Above description is from the pervious owner (a Great Western expert) with a couple of edits by me re: grips and pedals. All info is correct.

SUMMARY - overall a beautiful document from a historical maker and model-name. Here is an opportunity to acquire a rare and unique ornamental-frame specimen for your collection. Scrutinize photos and ask questions. I can send additional details/photos by message. Pickup preferred in Tullahoma, TN, though I can meet you in Nashville (TN), Huntsville (AL), or Chattanooga (TN), if that helps. Might deliver to Louisville or Indianapolis on my next trip if you're not in a hurry. Bike must be paid for before it leaves my house. PayPal preferred or cash or USPS Money Order. Thanks for looking!












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Look Ma, No Hands!
VERY curious......where can I get a pair of original "bulldog" handle grips, or maybe even a set of the reproduction ones?? They would look good on, and originally came on my 1917-1922 Dayton Davis bike. Thanks!