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Double Bar Roadsters, it’s all about DBRs here.

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Finally riding a big boys bike
This is a thread on anything Double Bar Roadsters, discussions on any manufacturers that made these distinct frame design and differences. During the Cyclone Coaster swap and DBR featured ride, I thought let’s take pictures of the DBRs that were there, maybe in addition a picture of their bikes with their owners. And so that’s what I did, which will start off this thread with our friend Mike...

13 Mike's with his '36 Huffman.jpg

@fordmike65 Mike with his '36 Huffman...

13a Mike's '36 Huffman badged Road Master.jpg

...badged Road Master

07 Eddie with his '36 CWC.jpg

@CWCMAN Eddie with his '36 CWC. Didn't get an image of his badge

08a Eddie with his '36 Schwinn DcurvedBar.jpg

@Eddie_Boy our '36 Schwinn DcurvedBR...

08a our 36 Schwinn DcurvedBar badged Excelsior.jpg

...badged Excelsior

08b Mi Amor with our '36 Colson.jpg

Mi amor with our '36 Colson...

08b our '36 double bar badged Colson.jpg

...badged Colson

09 Jason's '36 Colson.jpg

@birdzgarage Jason's '36 Colson...

09a Jason's '36 Colson badged Goodyear Wingfoot.jpg

...badged Goodyear Wingfoot

10 Todd's '36 CWC.jpg

@srfndoc Todd's '36 CWC...

10a Todd's '36 CWC badged Speed.jpg

...badged Speed

11 Mark's '36 CWC.jpg

@tripple3 Mark "Sparky" with his '36 CWC, which has a wonderful and cool story behind the bike...

11a Mark's '36 CWC badged Clipper.jpg

...badged Clipper

12 our '36 Colson.jpg

Our '36 Colson
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Finally riding a big boys bike
Continuing with Marty...

14 Marty and his '38 CWC.jpg

@cyclingday Marty with his '38 CWC built...

14a Marty and his '38 CWC badged Berry Cohen Special.jpg

...badged Berry Cohen Special

14b BCS for Berry Cohen Special.jpg

BCS for Berry Cohen Special

14c Atlanta tag for BCS Atlantal.jpg

Berry Cohen Special from Atlanta

14d 2 speed on '38 CWC.jpg

2 speed CWC

15 Frank with his '37-38 Schwinn tall frame.jpg

@cyclonecoaster.com Frank with his '37-'38 Schwinn DcurvedBR tall frame...

15a Frank's '37-38 Schwinn tall frame badged Goodrich.jpg

...badged Goodrich

16 Tom's '36 Colson.jpg

@TWBikesnstripes Tom with his '36 Colson Roadmaster suspension...

16a Tom's '36 Colson badged Sears Chief.jpg

...badged Sears Chief

17 John with his '37 Huffman.jpg

@John john with his '37 Huffman...

17a John's '37 Huffman badged Dayton.jpg

...badged Dayton

18 Tuktha with her '36 Huffman.jpg

Tuktha with her '36 Huffman...

18a Tuktha's '36 Huffman.jpg

18bTuktha '36 Huffman badged Fleetwood.jpg

...badged Fleetwod
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Riding a '37 Colson Imperial
I gotta admit. When I first got into collecting, I was drawn more to the straightbar frames. I settled on a 36 doublebar aka "rainbow" frame project in primer as my first real vintage bike, but still longed for a straightbar. After picking up a couple nicer doublebars in original paint, I've grown to really appreciate them. Here are a few of the Colsons doublebars in my herd. The only non-Colson is the '36 Huffman pictured above in @Eddie_Boy's first post.

I have a couple more LWB doublebar projects in que, but am still gathering parts.

My first original doublebar, the '36 "Crusty Colson". Badged True Value Roadway


1937 LWB dated frame with leftover stock '36 fenders in rare chrome. Badged Flyer

1936 LWB also equipped with deep fenders badged Flyer



Early 1936 LWB with tubular fork badged Del Mar


Exceptionally nice 1937 LWB badged Olympic


I usually stick to stock, or close to it, but had a lil fun with an early '36 and parts lying around the garage.

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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
CWC still in my herd and a few who got away.
Wayne told me he bought this Beautiful blue RoadMaster from you Don;
probably back when you were @SchwinnDoggy 🥰

Purposely parked Lt.Col. Dick Weissner's 1936 Clipper, for the opportunity.🥳
The Future is Now!
Pic taken by Marty @cyclingday November 6, 2022
Pike in Long Beach, Cyclone Coaster monthly Ride & Bi-Annual Bike Swap!😍

Super-Awesome to connect with you Eddie & your Bride!😍
Great thread too!


1936 "Coral Colson" LWB DBR Hot Rod built by Scott @rustjunkie
Added to the "Century Riders" list quiver.😎