Early 28” wood clincher rims and tires.

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    29F9B17B-56D7-4B3D-B105-DFAAA6A5D58C.jpeg 1BE6E80B-A74C-49B2-B43E-120C4B5C3B36.jpeg 71B00B09-3C3A-463A-81BF-46D66FD74E46.jpeg 554F42BC-1EC9-4749-B27E-48E74E45BEC1.jpeg 3E1A0301-6DA6-402D-AD32-F3C4AA9DFD3B.jpeg i have 4 clincher rims that are all wood. 28” size. No cracks or damages or severe warps.. They are all 32 hole which means most likely used for the front rim. Wish they were front /rear but beggars can’t be choosers.....lol. It comes with replacement tire sorry no inner tube.....One rim is painted silver.. 85.00 each shipped. Thanks mark
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