Huffman serial number project

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Riding a '37 Fleetwood
Hi, This post is going to be for keeping track of the serial numbers of Huffman made bicycles. I will try to keep up with editing this post and updating the list. Hopefully this will help develop a basis for dating these bikes where none has existed before.The second post will have the list please feel free to post your numbers and a photo if you can or e-mail them to me and I will add them to the list. check back often and feel free to copy this information.
Please don't mis-use it or I'll hunt you down and



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Riding a '37 Fleetwood
Huffman Serial Number List

Underscore _ Indicates numbers or letters under the main serial number

20995 = 1934-5 Model D-4 Dayton (Sensor)
44052 = 1936 Firestone Fleetwood Standard (37Fleetwood)
86303 = 1936-7 D-2E Superstreamliner (37Fleetwood)
87979_2 1937 D-1T Superstreamliner (37Fleetwood)
92469_3 1937-8 National Superstreamliner (supper15fiets)

1624_HCW = 1941 ??? (ejlwheels)
2959FBH_8 = 1937-8 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (Mr.J.C.Higgins)
5937 = 1937-8 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (Oldbikes)
H16061_CP866 = Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (easywind)

H5008 = 1941 ??? (ejlwheels)
H5608_2 = 1937-8 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (shutterbugKELLY)
W6478_5 = 1937 Western Flyer mens (ejlwheels)

H10678 = 1943 ??? (ejlwheels)
A14449_3 = 1939 LaFrance model 51 Special Line (bentwoody66)
B18020_8 = 1930s National (Flat Tire)
H20062_3 = 1937-8 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (37Fleetwood)
B20138 = 1940 Belknap Hardware Store (shutterbugKELLY)
H21732_1 = 1937-8 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme (Aeropsycho)
HW23744 = 1937 Western Flyer (37Fleetwood)
677_D50158_1942 = 1942 Military frame (ejlwheels)
A80304 = 1937 Airflyte (37Fleetwood)
H4???8 = Huffman Airflyte Twin-Flex (shutterbugKELLY)

108762_2 = 1938 Firestone Supreme Twin Flex (easywind)
1967FAH_2 = 1939 Firestone Flying Ace (37Fleetwood)
4114FAH_1_Z8 = 1939 Firestone Supreme Twin Flex (37Fleetwood)
4568FAH_1 = 1939 Firestone Flying Ace (easywind)
7820FAH = 1939 Firestone Flying Ace (easywind)
9454FAH_7 = 1939 Firestone Supreme Twin Flex (easywind)

N_102578_2 = 1939 National? Twinflex (ejlwheels)
H119535 = 1943 ??? straight downtube, curved fender mount (ejlwheels)
H126782 = 1943 ??? straight downtube, curved fender mount (ejlwheels)
H321448 = 1939 (ejlwheels)
H413022 = 1943 - 1948 Dayton (ejlwheels)
H429170 = 1944 Dayton Civillian Transport Bicycle (37Fleetwood)
H471477 = 1941 ??? (ejlwheels)

14403_C = 1941-42 Dayton Mainliner (joyofravenclaw)
22261HBW = 1941 Western Flyer (37Fleetwood)
23664B_N = 1940 girls Twin Flex (easywind)
24839C = 1941 Dayton (37Fleetwood)
24873C = 1942 Firestone Pilot (37Fleetwood)
3551D = 194? Ever Best (Aeropsycho)
59711C = 1942 Dixie Flyer (37Fleetwood)
62637_C = 1941 Huffman National (Flat Tire)
76639_C = 1941 Huffman Top Flight (37Fleetwood)
48894_C = 1941 Huffman made mens (easywind)
63484_C = 1941 Huffman made mens (easywind)

225375C = 1944 Dayton (37Fleetwood)
8#27182 = 1944-48 Huffman frame (Aeropsycho)

7H052211 = 1947 Firestone Pilot (easywind)
7H081156 = 1947 Gambles Hiawatha (ejlwheels)
7H298597 = 1947 Dixie Flyer (unit5alive)
8H035665 = 1948 Firestone (37Fleetwood)
8H013431 = 1948 Huffman (37Fleetwood)
9H066645 = 1949 Huffman Deluxe Special (Ratpick)
0H035336 = 1950 ??? (ejlwheels)
1h140560 = 1951 Huffman girls (easywind)
4H121354 = 1954 Huffy Customliner (37Fleetwood)
4H144429 = 1954 ??? (ejlwheels)
4H729841 = 24" Boys Huffy Customliner (???)
5H617730 = 1955 Huffy Radio Bike (easywind)
6H203--- = 1956 Hyffy Mainliner (vrod)
7H210901 = 1957 Belknap (
7H486907 = 1957 ??? (ejlwheels)
8H628317 = 1958 Dayton (Flat Tire)
3H218663 = 1963 Firestone 500



Riding a '37 Fleetwood
I took some pics but photobucket is having maintenance....will post later...

Is the light on the 1941 Huffman long tank supposed to be mounted between the bottom of the frame neck and top of fender? Mine is like the dayton on the front of the dayton book that sells on ebay sometimes. I think its by John someone....I probably need to buy that book! There are no holes in the front fender on mine....sure would like to fine the right light and mount...:)

exactly right that is the photo of the cover of the 1941 Huffman catalog, the book is by John Polizzi and is worth it though most of the pages are black & white. if you ever want to sell it let me know I think those are the most beautiful bike ever made. does yours have the springer? if it is a Dayton it would be a Mainliner, the Huffman version was the Champion.

also for the rest of you guys, I have updated the serial list recently, check it out!



Riding a '37 Fleetwood
Ok, I updated again! there's good news and bad news.:D

some problems are showing up prewar, either the numbers are crazy from the factory or some of the guesses are wrong. this is where photos would help if you have them. I got a photo for what was thought to be a 1941 which has the same seat binder clamp, and rear drop outs as the war time and later bikes (1943-1948). Also numbers for bikes with straight down tubes which is usually though not always 1937-40 and the numbers fit more with the 1939 known bikes (hard to miss a Twin-Flex as being 1938-39) though the bikes have curved fender mounts. we're getting good results don't stop now, we're just getting started!!

Good news for post war stuff, it seems that the first number, the one before the letter is indicative of the year. 1 would indicate 1951 or possibly 1961, while 8 would be 1948 or 1958 or 1968. we don't have any later bikes to know when this numbering changes. the decade is usually easy enough to figure out by just looking at the bike itself. also all of these so far have the letter "H".


Riding a '37 Fleetwood
Hi, I've updated the list with Marc's (easywind) bikes. I wasn't sure if you guys with the 20" bikes wanted them on the list so I havent added them yet. let me know. thanx again Marc!:D


Riding a '37 Fleetwood
another update! I added bentwoody66's 1939 La France. neat bike! also out of respect I only add the serials if you ask, I don't want to upset anyone who doesn't want theirs used.


Riding a '37 Fleetwood
ok another update! I added Mikes Flying Ace which poses an interesting theory. in 1939 aparently Firestone bikes have FAH after the four digit serial numberfollowed by a number underneath. which brings up an interesting question about Marc's Twin-Flex. Marcs bike has the standard Huffman/Dayton paint scheme. Marc's bike is also a 1938. Marc's bike doesn't have FAH, and Marc's bike has a different numbering sequence than the other 1939 Firestones! so... marc's bike wasn't originally a Firestone or... 1938's didn't have FAH, and or 1938 didn't use the Firestone paint scheme. my guess is that somewhere along the way Marc's bike had a headbadge swap and isn't a Firestone ( which probably raises it's value a miniscule amount as most of the others seem to be Firestones)
thanks for looking! keep sending in numbers:D