Identifying Rollfast - can’t find SN stamp

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I picked up this rollfast some time ago I mainly picked it up to let my older grandkids have something to ride when they come to visit. But recently I have been told that it is a vintage bike, and worth way more than the 20 dollars I spent for it.
I’ve looked around and I really don’t know so I found this forum and figured it would be best to reach out from those who know way more than me.
I think it’s from the 50’s. It still rides nice. Grandkids love it. I just want to know what year it is, and if maybe I should be a little more careful with it.
Hope pictures are clear enough.






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Might be a 1961–C\SE girls middleweight from Snyder Enterprises in the space-bike era?

A nice 61 years-old bike from ’61?

The serial number stamp (as pictured) looks like “C140327” with the circle-SE; (that’s it).
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Might be a 1961–C\SE girls middleweight from the Snyder Enterprises era?

The serial number stamp (as pictured) looks like “C140327” with the circle-SE.
That is exactly what it says.... So it's from 1961. I knew it was old... but it's cute, and perfect for my grandkids to ride up and down our street with. They can't do anything crazy - just ride. All I have to do is keep air in the tires and chain oiled and keep it until they have all out grown it. 20 dollars well spent :)


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^^Fix that before riding an inch. That will make an unbelieveable mess of your coaster brake. Any little bolt and nut about the same size as the hole will do. Add a lockwasher while you are at it.


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Oh.... I thought that went to some attachment that was missing... OK, I will fix that. Thank you!!! Anything else I should be away of or fix to make is safe and sound for grandkids?