I'm not in favor of rat bikes!

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Jun 24, 2008
under a rock
Baronvoncatonia hasn't visited the site since April 2012, yet his thread has lasted 14 months so far, with 81 posts. I'm in favor of his immortalization!
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Finally riding a big boys bike
Nov 3, 2012
Lubbock, TX
I saw that bike on eBay, $1,200 isn't that bad of a price actually; especially considering that custom metal work involved. Sweet bike!
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Feb 16, 2008
Portland, OR 97206
Not being a Rat guy, I was surfing this evening on the bay scene and found this beautifully built stanless(?) bike. Damn this is a cool looking bike.
I saw that too JD. No question about this bike being slicker than s_ _t, but I do think the seat might do some serious butt pinching.



Fat tired old rider
Feb 16, 2008
Portland, OR 97206
Not to ignore you Vince, but I took a better look at those springs, and see that there's some sort of protective covering on them. No wait! I AM ignoring you Vince.


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Nov 2, 2008
crown point<indiana
Sorry JD,Dave has to ruin every thread that I try to be serious on.


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Mar 26, 2011
Norfolk Va / Va. Beach va.
I figured you 2 would get in on this thread. The headlight was my draw to the bike.

But, the seat does look painfull

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Finally riding a big boys bike
Oct 23, 2009
Salem, United States
i have seen a lot of old stock bicycles that simply just don't look good. kinda drap rat them out and their awesome looking in the ratrod auto world you turn more heads and have way more fun with a ratrod car or truck then a stock one that most people wont drive they haul them around in fear of scratching the paint. ratrod bikes & autos are the way to go in a lot of cases that don't mean that theirs not a place for original stock lots of people love them my self i like the best of both worlds............:cool:.


Look Ma, No Hands!
Jul 9, 2012
I've always liked the look of a modified bike, you don't have to worry about seeing another bike just like yours.
All my bikes were bought as a bare frame and built up, except for the Flightliner it had the tank and springer when I bought it. I am gathering original parts for my bikes, maybe one day they will be stock again.



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Finally riding a big boys bike
Aug 8, 2010
Bristol Rhode Island, Roma Italy
If you can put together a bicycle that looks great and rides better, than so be it ...
Rat rod Frankin bike custom or go back to org. Some can and some cannt not . And I can tell the difference . 2
2-3-12 038.jpg
2-3-12 038.jpg
each thier oun.
I love to look at a well built bicycle and that is all...


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May 24, 2010
Bloomington, United States
If you dont like rat rods you will probably despise fixed gear bikes.I like rat rods but cringe when I see classic road bikes get their cable guides ground off,Campy components trashed ,brakes removed,etc.I saw an old Paramount completely trashed because the young rider wanted a "fixie".

That's a shame. Everyone knows that's what Varsities are for!
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Saving Tempest

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Feb 6, 2012
Earth (Middle)
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Look Ma, No Hands!
Apr 13, 2013
What is the big arguement about?

The real issue here is the persons individual freedoms. Yes, people died for us in order that we have free choices and expression. A bike is just a clump of metal that a person purchases. Once that purchase is made, they have the choice to make a door stop out of it, hang it in the garage with intentions of losing a few pounds with it, restore it with anal precision, or leave it as is. We all are here because we enjoy the biking hobby. We need to appreciate and respect the freedoms that we have to enjoy the hobby which ever way we want. Some people watch Donna Reed and others like Dobi Gillis. They both have merrits with respect to vintage tv shows. I prefer Dobi Gillis and Rat Fink, you can do what you want. It is your time and your dime and I respect you for it.

At a car show, I pass up all the restored 57 Chevys and zero in on the dude that made a gas tank out of a beer keg, a overflow bottle out of a Jim Beam bottle, and an air cleaner out of a beer tap. It is my choice. I love black suede paint and rust is like gold. It conforms to my life style. I am not a polished person nor do I like a polished bike or car. Way too stiff for me, but hey if you like it, go get it. yuppers

I don't mind Rats, but some guys are so crazy about rust, its sickening! Thats my only itch with some guys who do it. They want to keep all the rust and tear on a bike. Heck, just sand it and buy a $3 can of black spray paint at Wal-Mart. Even that would do. Rust is rust, its a form of decay.

I've seen some very nice, beautifully done Rats, but, I have also seen some ugly ducklings too.


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Dec 28, 2012
Ol' st. Lou
im not in favor of rat bikes....

well, i am!this bike was missing a lot of parts and been poorly spray bombed many times.i was hoping i could find the original paint underneath but no such luck.so over a rrb in seen a zep ratted and i loved the lines of the frame so much i decided to do the same to this one.as i stripped all of the old paint off i liked the look of the bare metal so i cleared over it.if this bike was complete and original it would have been put back together that way.but it is what it is and im still not done with it.:)



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Mar 3, 2011
Costa Mesa , Costa Mesa, CA, United States
If it wasn't for ratting we wouldn't have mountain bikes .. Back in the late 70's a guy named Gary Fisher and his bros took old Schwinn prewar straight bar frames because of the strength and craftmanship and turned them into mountain bikes it's true look
It up! same with the stingrays became BMX bikes !! So rat rod = progress and personality I'm a bike collector and a purist I don't restore I only buy and find original parts for my projects prewar Schwinn mainly !!! but there's nothing wrong with progression and expression that's why we have bikes to begin with !!! Just please don't take a nice original paint barn find or what ever and rat it out if it's beyond saving go ahead do what ya want or sell
What ya don't like so guys like me pay too much money for rusty gold otherwise keep on peddling !!!! More power to ya !!!!

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