Looking For 1957 JC Higgins Tank


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Update: Over the past few weeks I have made contact and had many message conversations with the gentleman from Maine in regard to selling me his tank for my 1957 JC Higgins tank and shipping it. At first, he very was reluctant to sell only by local pick up only. After a few conversations with the seller he agreed to me sending the money & shipping cost. Long story short, received the tank today! Now just lacking the rear rack. I know you will all tell me this is a cardinal sin, but I have a local high-end collision shop that will match the frame color so I can paint the tank & chain guard and re-decal both. Stezell, Hastings and tech5459, thanks for your leads and your help. Greatly appreciated. Lots of work yet to complete the project but right now I'm one happy camper

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I see no harm in having those parts painted. I’m assuming money isn’t a real concern here because I think by the time your done you’ll have about double what the bikes worth in it. If you enjoy it then that really doesn’t matter. V/r Shawn