My White Whale: 1993 Clark Kent - Kawasaki XR-Ti Serial #1

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Reportedly the only example built. After being shown in trade shows Kawasaki gifted it to one of their motorbike racers; likely the motorcycle dealers felt a $3,200-$3,500 bicycle would be a stretch for them to sell. Does anyone know of another?

I will starting to gather the bits to get the bike back to the original build specs mentioned below.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Pat Clark (Clark Kent) or Scott Cox (Pacific Powercycles Inc.)? I would love to get more information about this bicycle directly from either fellow.

Here is an abbreviated press release about Kawasaki's venture into mountain bikes at the time. I highlighted the section on this model in red:

CINCINNATI, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Kawasaki Mountain Bikes make their debut this weekend during the 1994 Cincinnati Powersports Expo. Six off-road bicycles, including an all-carbon-fiber model and a titanium full-suspension model, will be shown at the event. This according to Scott Cox, vice president Sales & Marketing for Pacific Powercycles Inc., the manufacturer/distributor of the new bicycle line.

"Kawasaki Mountain Bikes represent over two years of intensive work by our team and a cadre of bicycle and motorcycle design experts worldwide," said Cox. "The Kawasaki is a new breed of bicycle -- inspired by off-road motorcycles and featuring innovative design and top-quality components like Shimano, Araya and Rock Shox.

"You couldn't ask for a better name than Kawasaki," Cox added. "It is an unbeatable tie-breaker for the consumer. Additionally, all Kawasaki Mountain Bikes feature low `factory-direct' pricing and that makes it possible for us to deliver a high-quality product with a recognized name, at a super price."

Cox also reports that the response to the Kawasaki Mountain Bike plan has been phenomenal both from the public and dealers now selling the bikes. He hopes to translate these early successes into signing full-line Kawasaki Mountain Bike dealers during the Powersports Expo.

Among the unique features of Kawasaki Mountain Bikes is that each model is equipped with front suspension forks. The titanium Kawasaki XR-Ti(TM) sports a sophisticated rear suspension system, as well.

Heading up the line is the Kawasaki KMB200(TM), an entry-level model featuring a Tange(TM) Chromoly frame, wild "Team Green" two-tone paint/ graphics (borrowed from the Baja winning Kawasaki Off-Road Motorcycle Team), alloy rims and an RST-170(TM) front suspension fork. The KMB200 retails for $399 -- an unheard of price for a suspension-fitted mountain bike.

The Kawasaki KMB450(TM) (retail tested during the 1993 holiday season) is moderately priced at $659. Features include a double-butted Tange(TM) Chromoly frame, Shimano(R) STX(TM) 21-speed component group, Grip Shift(TM) shifters, Araya(TM) alloy rims and an RST-400(TM) five- stage adjustable front suspension fork. Finishes are Kawasaki racing green or metaldust black.

The Kawasaki X-1(TM) is the flagship of the Kawasaki Mountain Bike line. Its frame is constructed of oversized aluminum tubing, and the bike features Shimano Deore LX(TM) components, a Rock Shox(R) MAG21SL(TM) front suspension fork, Grip Shift shifters, Zoom(TM) handlebars, bar ends and seatpost, and Araya alloy rims. One of the most striking features of the X-1 is its titanium-plated finish. Retail price is $1,399.

Long-travel suspension fans will marvel at the Kawasaki X-1S(TM), another all-aluminum bike fitted with a three-inch Travel Showa(R) front suspension fork. Japan's Showa is well-known in the motorcycle world and Showa suspensions are standard equipment on many world championship bikes. The X-1S features the Shimano STX Special Edition(TM) component group, Araya rims, Grip Shift shifters, Zoom bars, bar ends and seat post, and a highly polished bright aluminum finish.

Two state-of-the-art prototypes, the F-1 Carbon(TM) and the XR-Ti(TM), complete the Kawasaki Mountain Bike lineup, and both are targeted at the hardcore mountain bike enthusiast/collector.

The sculpture-like Kawasaki F-1 Carbon(TM) is an amazing piece of design technology and craftsmanship. It features a carbon-fiber composite frameset, Aerospoke(TM) five-spoke wheels, Shimano Deore XTR(TM) component group and Grip Shift(TM) shifters. Final pricing (expected to be in the $3,000 range) and final delivery dates will be announced at the show.

The all-titanium, full-suspension Kawasaki XR-Ti(TM) is a limited edition, signed and numbered "Masterpiece" of which only 50 will be built during 1994. Each XR-Ti is signed and numbered by renowned designer, Pat Clark, of Colorado's Clark-Kent Cycles. Set off by a magnificent clear titanium finish frame, the XR-Ti also features a Rock Shox MAG21SL-Ti(TM) titanium front suspension fork, Shimano Deore XTR(TM) components, Pulstar(TM) hubs, Mavic(TM) 231 wheels and Grip Shift shifters. A June delivery date is slated, and the retail price is in the $3,200-$3,500 range.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Photos available upon request.






Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
I remember when full suspension Mt bikes started coming on the scene in the early 90's I had read an article saying that getting the pivot point as close to the B/B as possible yielded the best results and I had the idea to make the B/B itself the pivot point. I could never understand why manufacturer's didn't do this. Now I see that at least one did.

New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
The first puzzle piece arrived to get this bike back to the factory specs called out in the Kawasaki press release from 1994. A nearly NOS set of Mavic 231 rims with the correct Pulstar purple annodized hubs arrived from France. The purple will be a cool compliment to the green paint on the rear stays; totally 90's!!! I tried but failed to get all the Shimano XTR bits needed from EBAY; I was the underbidder but MTB parts are going bananas at the moment.



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