Need a bike pick up in Harrisburg

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    Hey guys. I was going down to grab a bike for @TINYuproar within the next few weeks. I had a sculpture to drop off in the area but the gallery pulled the rug out from under me and changed the date... So all my plans are topsy turvy now.

    Is there anyway someone could pick up the bike who is in the area? The Craigslist owner isn't technology savvy and we aren't so sure about him being ok with that kind of wait.

    I would be driving down August 5th to pick it up. I will happily make you a mini sculpture, a mug or plate, or a drawing as a token of my affection/appreciation for helping me out. Maybe one day when I'm a dead artist it'll be worth a lot of money ;)

    I made a promise to help tinyuproar out and I'd like to stay a woman of my word.

    Thanks all!
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    @Kstone on the members map there are two Caber's in that AO (Area of Operations) @nosduh89 in Enola and @Shanewildasin in Mechanicsburg you might ping them directly with your need and they might be able to help? Love your art and your posts and hope this helps. Another COA (course of action) might be contacting a LBS and see if they would trade their effort for maybe a custom piece of art for their shop? Just saying?
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    The problem with the member map is that many of the members shown are not active. Used to you had to opt into the map. It appears the new software automatically places you on the map. We get a lot of what I call "One hit wonders" here that create an account to ask what there bike is worth. It may be worth a try but those you mentioned may be dead ends. V/r Shawn
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