Need help with Bendix coaster brake problem


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
I have Bendix coaster brake problems. It is a Bendix RB2 from the mid 60's that when trying to pedal it slips and the pedals go around but the wheel won't turn. It wouldn't catch so I disassembled it and found that one of the brake shoes appeared to be snapped in half. Not sure if a broken brake shoe can cause the drive to slip and not engage. Would this be the sole cause of the drive slipping and not working or could a worn clutch be the cause(see pics)? Anybody else ever have this issue of the drive slipping and not working properly? Please feel free to respond if you have any advice for the fix. I posted some pics of the parts and will need a brake shoe and possibly a clutch. If anybody can help me out selling me the correct parts please message me. Thanks

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You need a caged bearing for the hub and a pair of break shoe's and i would go ahead and replace the clutch drive since it's all apart any way.. Flee bag should have the needed parts for this Bendix hub... Good luck.. Razin...