New Red Rubber to tire your high wheel bicycle.

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$4.00 to $6.00 per foot


Look Ma, No Hands!
beginner question here, how do you joint both ends together?
thanks for offering this
Because we make the circumference of the rubber greater than that of the rim, the rubber compresses and squeezes the gap out of the tire. This technique also keeps the rubber tire from opening up when the bike is ridden. Thanks for the inquiry. Wheelmen bulletin No. 4, written by Bob McNair, is a good intro as to how to properly install new tires and an understanding of how it all works. It is available on the Wheelmen web site under reference materials.


On Training Wheels

After a long absence, we can now make available, the red tire

rubber for your High Wheel bike and Hard Tire Safety. This is not to be confused with red plastic tiring rubber we all have seen. Ours is Genuine rubber factory produced for us made right here in the USA.

The prices are _____$4.00/ft_____for the ¾” diameter rubber,

____$4.50/ft____________for the 7/8” diameter rubber.

The following sizes are custom ordered, so there will be a delay in

receipt of these sizes:

$6.00/ft_________ 1”


________$4.00/ft_____________ ½”

If you have a problem measuring the rim size, please call us for assistance.

Prices are fixed on “now available” rubber. Prices for “custom orders” depend on quotations from the factory, the above are just our estimates. Please note the prices set out above, must be added to the cost of shipping.

Please list the sizes and lengths of each size needed. We deal only in the red SRB rubber, manufactured to our standards of color and hardness. Beware of plastic tubing, strange colors and rubber made for buggies.

Shipping will be by USPS only.

Apologies, No Overseas orders at this time.

A typical 20 pound box from DC to Detroit, Mich. should be about $25. 3-day priority mail using Large Box FRB , 12“ x 12” x 6”. USPS is the cheapest for boxes of this size of an average high wheel rubber. The USPS website has a table to calculate shipping. Please add the shipping cost to the cost of rubber.

The following table is based on 3.14 times the wheel diameter plus 6 inches for compression and minor differences in actual rim diameters. If you have any problems with calculating your needs, please call us and we will help getting the right number.
Attached is a table to length of rubber for each size wheel.

Wheel Diameter
48 inch wheel----13 feet of rubber
50 14 feet
52 14-1/2
54 15
56 15-1/2

16 inch wheel--- 5 feet
18 5-1/2 feet
20 6
24 7

All orders are shipped within 72 hours of receipt of payment for the rubber and shipping. Please pay with your USPS money order ONLY.
Russell Mamone
2610 Northampton Street NW
Washington, DC 20015

Email address

Phone or text @ 240.449.6015 leave message

Terms and conditions of sales:

You must fill out the order blank, sign, date and fill agreement checkbox at bottom including printing your name and your ship to address.

Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, No returns. You are responsible for determining the size and length you require and for providing us with a deliverable address for the shipment.

your ship to address and information:


zip code:_____________________________

Email address to reach you: ______________

your phone #:__________________________

print name here: _______________________

  • check box agreeing to all terms and condition of sale

Signature______________________________ Date________

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wonder if this will help?



On Training Wheels

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Wheelman real USA made Red Rubber.jpg


Look Ma, No Hands!