NIB/NOS Schwinn Fender Lot: 11pc - 1960's thru 1980's - 700c / 27" - 26" - 24" (Stingray BMX Lightwe

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    *I will NOT sell fenders individually, unless you offer me a price that's pretty close to the full lot price

    to see many more photos, and to purchase with credit/paypal.

    Big lot of 9 fenders and two fender braces, most of which are new old stock in original Schwinn sleeves. I'm not sure exactly which models all these fit, but there are some very wide 26" and 24" cruiser / balloon tire fenders, some short 24" fenders that seem fitting for a Stingray, some slimmer 24" fenders, some 27"/700c lightweight fenders, and a brown painted fender likely from a Continental. See details and quantities at bottom. (NIB for with package, NOS for new but no package)


    Most of these are new old stock in packaging, with quite minimal shop wear. A few of them are used. See individual conditions below.

    • (2x) Model 52-825: Rear 27"/700c lightweight chrome (NIB, mint)
    • (1x) Model 52-800: Rear 27" lightweight chrome (NOS with model tag, VERY slight shop wear)
    • (1x) 26" Rear(?) extra-wide cruiser/balloon tire fender (NIB, no tag. Mint)
    • (2x) Model 52-015: 24"/26" front extra wide, King Sting? Stingray? (NIB, mint)
    • (2x) Model 52-335: 24" front mid-width (used? one is near mint, the other is EXC but has one small dent)
    • (1x) Model 52-318: Front Brown w/ pin stripes, Continental? (NIB, almost mint)
    • (1x) Fender brace model 94-268: All hardware (NIB, sealed bag)
    • (1x) Fender brace model 94-268: No hardware (used, rusty)
    $250 for ALL 11 fenders - CLICK HERE to purchase with credit/paypal.

    I have hundreds of vintage Schwinn catalogs/manuals, parts, hardware, tools, & decals for sale! CLICK HERE
    File May 24, 12 55 47 PM.jpg File May 24, 12 54 38 PM.jpg vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18115.JPG vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18120.JPG vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18124.JPG vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18136.JPG vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18147.JPG vintage_schwinn_fenders_hardware_s7_westwind_stingray_18148.JPG