NOS SHELBY? CLEVEL WELDING? FENDERS ...ASS'T Handlebars lot, Forks lot, Guards lot....F/S

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    NOS Fenders as found. SHELBY colors blue and red! Rears only 26" balloon
    no braces...some shelf wear....2 tone with white pinstripes.
    20 each plus postage...or 70.00 shipped on the lot.


    fenders.jpg fenders2.jpg fenders4.JPG fenders6.jpg fenders7.jpg

    FORKS are sold-------

    AS found STRAIGHT 1941 Schwinn "DX" ashtabula bicycle fork for balloon bicycles.
    Not Bent! These is a prewar fork but will fit post war Schwinn bicycles as well.

    20.00 plus postage.

    dxfork.jpg dxfork1.jpg

    FORKS are sold-------

    HUGEL lot of variety forks including a rare Schwinn PREWAR 24" fork that needs
    some minor work, Also a postwar Schwinn DX Hornet etc Ashtabula 26" fork
    Schwinn Town and Country fork, Locking NEW WORLD Schwnn lightweight
    26" fork (no tumbler but guts are in working order) unusual smaller 20"
    Prewar fork .....All you see in the pix for 45.00 plus postage

    forks.jpg forks2.jpg

    MISCELLANEOUS vintage guards lot! Some unusual ones here including
    Firestone, 24" Schwinn Balloon, and some unusual guards with No i.d.

    The lot for 40.00 plus postage!

    guards.jpg guards1.jpg guards2.jpg

    MIXED bag of various 1950s era shown, some Schwinn including
    a 24" Phantom steer horn pair with a minor ding on the underside as shown.
    Also Wald etc steer horn and light weight Traveler, Superior, Touring style New World bars..
    ALL you see in pix 20.00 plus shipping

    email or msg here

    bars.jpg bars2.jpg
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