Original Schwinn Paint Lots: Cans Bottles - Sunset Orange/Lime/Chrome/Holiday Pink/Coppertone/Lemon.

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    Here's several lots of factory original Schwinn Cycles paint from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. Click individual highlighted/underlined links below for MANY more photos, or to purchase directly with credit or paypal.

    Schwinn Air Dry Touch Up A.D. Enamel Can Lot: 6ct - Paint Good - Vintage 1970's - Kool Lemon / NOS Sunset Orange / Flamboyant Brilliant Lime & Chestnut / Opaque Red. $49.44 - CLICK HERE

    Schwinn Spray Paint Cans LOT: 35ct -
    NOS Sunset Orange / Chrome / Chestnut... 13oz & 4oz - Lacquer & Hi Gloss Enamel - 1960's 1970's - $220 CLICK HERE

    Schwinn Brush-On Touch Up Paint Collection: 64ct - red/blue/green/orange/yellow/champagne/purple/silver... $45 CLICK HERE

    Antique Schwinn Enamel Paint Can: 1940's / 1950's - Dark Red - Advertising Display $35 CLICK HERE

    I have hundreds of vintage Schwinn catalogs/manuals, parts, hardware, tools, & decals for sale! CLICK HERE

    vintage_schwinn_paint_enamel_spray_touch_up_stingray_lightweights_19294.JPG vintage_schwinn_paint_enamel_spray_touch_up_stingray_lightweights_19290.JPG vintage_schwinn_paint_enamel_spray_touch_up_stingray_lightweights_19277.JPG vintage_schwinn_paint_enamel_spray_touch_up_stingray_lightweights_19272.jpg
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