Professional Racer Woody Hedspeth 1903

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Tiffany Browne

On Training Wheels
I've been banging my head against a wall trying to dig up more on Woody as well, but with all the various spellings, and all the various other challenges, I'm not coming up with too much else either. I did find a woman online who says she is Woody's great-granddaughter, but she doesn't appear active on the account where she posted. My last ditch effort will be to go to the Indiana State Museum and go page by page through some of the African American newspapers of the era.
Speaking of which, there are so many conflicting spellings, dates, locations...while I know he lived in Indy at some point, I do think he came from Kentucky. Anyone else who wants to strategize on how to track down more on Woody, please LMK. I am up for it. Cheers.