Restored 20 years ago Bluebird OC CL

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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Sep 25, 2012
Beach Cities, CA 92708
Not mine:
1937 1/2 Elgin Bluebird - $18000 (Dana Point)
bicycle type: cruiser
frame size: 62
make / manufacturer: Sears Elgin
model name / number: Bluebird
wheel size: 26 in
1937 1/2 Elgin Bluebird
I've owned for over 40 yrs.
Yes, I have the peddle not shown.
Light in horn not working but can be hooked up. Some minor body work, this paint is 35 yrs old
Serious only please


Finally riding a big boys bike
Sep 19, 2017
I'm no Bluebird expert by any means, but the price seems at least 5 grand (or more) too high based on what we've seen sell here on the CABE and ebay in the past year.
beautiful craftsmanship and style, real art, one of the first items on my list to buy after I win the powerball......wonderful color too.......


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Sep 30, 2006
so cal beaches
I would bet that was a Bailey restored saddle on the bike. Although I think his craftsmanship
was outstanding... he used the 'veg tan" leather which is one of the oldest methods of
tanning leather. Although I do like the looks of veg tan leather...which is typically soaked
so that it can be 'formed' to the contours of an object or seat pan, the inherent problems
with the process is the soaking. The leather on bicycle seats at least has a tendency to
'rot' or decay from the inside out, the side of the leather that comes in contact with the seat
padding etc. I have seen a number of Jim Baileys saddles that have had the 'cracking from
within' occur. bummer. You are looking at the result of the process when it goes south. One thing
to keep in mind... there's really no way to avoid restoring a skirted saddle, like this Blue Bird one, going this route.
the side skirting needs to be formed using veg tan leather and soaking. Thorough drying once covered is key to avoid the
potential for what you're seeing in the pix, but still no guarantee. I wonder what the methods
used on the original saddles done at Troxel back in the day were.
Looks like a nice bike...price is bonkers

any chance i can get ALLSTATE USA tires on this bike in lieu of the Chinese 10 dollar ones?


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Mar 2, 2014
Sunny Southern California
Bailey seat and possibly a Kid Dean restoration ?

Nice bike but seems a bit high. Ya got to start somewhere I guess..........
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Staff member
Jul 11, 2012
Monrovia, CA 91016
yes, the leather on that saddle is damaged.
However, from my experience, learning from and interaction with leather workers, reading books and articles on leather working in general and wet forming in particular, I do not believe the damage was caused by submerging or insufficient/incorrect drying.
Do your own research and make your own conclusion.


I live for the CABE
Nov 9, 2007
York, United States
Maybe I just don't know enough about the high dollar bike market, but "Light in horn not working but can be hooked up"?

Gee, If I was trying to sell a bike for 18,000 large I would at least "hook up the light in horn".

Reminds me of the craigs list ads I see frequently like; just needs air in the tires, or needs a $2 part to fix, easy fix, etc.


Wore out three sets of tires already!
May 26, 2011
Altadena, CA
For that price, I'd want to see an original fender ornament, the correct triple-step rims with the correct, plain ND hubs, the seat recovered, some vintage whitewalls, the correct pencil stand, original grips (or at least original grip rings) and confirmation that all the rare bits (buttons, headlight lens, eyebrow trim, horn, etc) are original and not reproductions.

In its current configuration, my guess is it would struggle to sell for $9-11K if offered on ebay with no reserve and $9.99 opening bid.

Good luck to the seller though, if this bike sells for $18K, I'm over the moon about the possible value of my bike!

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