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Reduced RollFast Boy's Men's Tank Bike Nice Project ... Must go. DC / MD beltway pickup or buyer ships

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$200 + shipping at buyers expense
Payment Terms
Cash or PayPal as Friend Family ( if you attempt to pay as 'goods and services' I will cancel the payment and ask pay as Friend Family )
Kensington MD Just outside DC / MD Beltway i270 / i 495


Finally riding a big boys bike

RollFast Flightweight

Mid/Late 50's

Moving and need room in storage ...... so all my bikes / projects are up for grabs

Bike is already largely disassembled and already in a box at storage unit. Box Dimensions for purposes of shipping pricing are below.

Bike has had
-Preliminary cleaning / penetrating oil treatment
-largely disassembled , and I wont be reassembling to ship .

This is a transitional Tank Bike , " Flightweight"
(there is a close example what it is supposed to look like in Dave's gallery at nostalgic.net)

This means it was essentially a Balloon Tire bike fitted with 1 3/4 tires and slightly narrower / less deep fenders.
Chainguard and all parts show are present except grips ... grips may turn up, if they do u get them.

Price reduced to $225

Bike is boxed and ready to ship

local Pickup or buyer is responsible for providing shipping label at buyers expense

Cash Preferred , will take PP only if as FF

I will be in DC Maryland clearing storage this week, after that I may be out of town so hipping may be delayed while on travel

Shipping : bike is packed in a box and ready for drop off at nearby fedex or UPS store if you send the shipping label (at buyers expense )

To get shipping quote via bikeflights here's what you will need , just type it in with your address zip code and get a label , really easy :

Box dimensions (inches) :

55 Long
29 High
9 wide

weight: 52 lbs

ships from:

11015 West Avenue
Kensington Md 20895

More details :

I think this is a very worthy project , particularly for its Tank and unique as Transitional

You will definitely be able to apply your restoration and mechanical skills,

Mechanically :
-Bottom Bracket currently does not turn/ spin freely , there is quite a bit of resistance .... I have not opened it up to see what's going on , but I expect you'll find some crunchy / broken bearings and debris... It requires too much force to turn /ride as is , so I haven't

- Wheels : multiple missing or broken spokes seized spoke nipples , you will want to Re Spoke and true up. Rims are definitely worthy of an oxalic soak .

- Red ( leather? pleather ?) saddle cover is a great look , but its separated and falling off / falling apart I had in mind just to go over it with red leather upholstery shop remnant and not worry too much about authentic recover .... but you get decide on that .

I haven't measured to be certain, but I suspect the Frame could probably be fitted in earlier deeper style balloon fenders .... my guess is this model was just tacked on 1.75 in wheelset/ fender set , rather than a frame up re design to join the middleweight era.

great bike for the price hope it finds a home soon.

Rollfast Red Tank Bike (1).JPG

Red Tank Bike (2).JPG

Red Tank Bike (3).JPG

Red Tank Bike (4).JPG

RollFast Flightweight.JPG
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update ... Boxed and ready to ship , Dimensions above for you to get quote if you want to ship .
put eyes on the chainguard today , its included in the box
Detailed pictures :

here are pics of the whats in the box / disassembled components

Green ties on wheels are markers of problem spokes / seized spokes nipples ….
I stopped marking them when I got to 10 bad or missing spokes on each wheel … Plan on a whole new spokes set , at least that’s what I think is best approach …

Head start in teardown for you to to begin resto