Schwinn Corvette 5 Speed Registry

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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Sep 2, 2012
Central Arizona
Are there any Corvette 5 speed owners here?

For sure I know vincev, greenephantom and schwinnbikebobb are and I'm looking for anyone else that has this model. I have a Registry for this bike and would really like to add your Corvette 5 to the list.

If you are interested in adding your Corvette to the registry below please let me know!



Last update: 07/02/2018

vincev____________E120792__05/08/1961__R. Red____Small plate___Guard screen & decal 1st proto-type.
GTs58____________E120811__05/08/1961__R. Red____unknown_____2nd Owner. Had the standard markings
Jerry MLC_________E120928__05/08/1961__R. Red____Small plate____See post 3 & 243 First proto-type decals.
J. Fortenberry____F129632__06/15/1961__Black______Small plate___ Posted on Facebook
MIKE-101ST_______F129768__06/15/1961__R. Green___Unknown_____Only June frame so far for 1961 or 62.
hatz4katz_________G166085__07/27/1961__Black_____Large plate____Schwinn speedometer, toolbag, Miller Lights.
pedalsnostalgia___G166124__07/27/1961__R. Blue____Small plate____All original paint and decals.
Janet Oh__________G167726__07/28/1961__Black_____Small plate____Looks all original. Slotted small pie plate.
Gunner3456_______G167795__07/28/1961__R. Red____Large plate
lanny8232_ _______G167833__07/28/1961__R. Red____Large plate____Sold 7/29/11 eBay Traverse City, MI. By coveredbytwo
EDDIE PRYOR_____G167860__07/28/1961__R. Red____Small plate____Now Restored
tribursio__________G167935__07/28/1961__Black_____Large plate____New owner andybutchard 08/03/2014 Geeeyejo's
MIKE-101ST_______G167958__07/28/1961__Black_____Unknown_____Ebay frame. Getting put back together
snowmanss-s10____G167XXX__07/28/1961__R. Red___Unknown______USPS Corvette. Coaster modified.
kirahotto __________H113629__08/02/1961__Black____Small plate_____Seller: er3967 Waterford, MI. Sold 11/8/11
70cst ______________H113712__08/02/1961__R Green__Large plate_____One of only three R. Green so far. 9/19/11
Hobo Bill__________H113765__08/02/1961__Black____Large plate_____Purchased in 1961, original owner. Eugene OR
Schwinndemonium__H113815__08/02/1961__Black____Small plate_____2nd Owner. Has owned for the last 40 years
GTs58____________H114188__08/02/1961__Black____Small plate_____Given up for adoption by island schwinn. It's doomed
trfindley__________ H114198__08/02/1961__R Green__Small plate_____Rare Radiant Green, a very nice original example
vincev____________H114699__08/03/1961__R. Red___Small plate_____Started out in Bakersfield, CA. Now at it's home in Crown Point, IN
J. Ferguson_______H114701__08/03/1961__R. Red___Large plate_____Started out in Ohio.
morepleaze_______H114842__08/03/1961__R. Green__Small solid____Sold on eBay to ?
creepn ___________H114944__08/03/1961__Black____Unknown______1961 only Stem. New owner
island schwinn____H115586__08/03/1961__R. Red___Large plate_____Frameset project.
Krateness_________H115631__08/03/1961__Black___Large Chrome____2nd one for Krateness.
Dave Stromberger_H115643__08/03/1961__R. Red__Small solid_____Nice original survivor
jnat306bg_________H115676__08/03/1961__R. Green_Small slotted___1961 only Stem
KingSized HD_____H1157XX__08/03/1961__R. Blue___Unknown______Rolling project that was painted black
bikepaulie_________H116130__08/03/1961__R. Blue___Small plate_____All original and all there. Located in Texas
novavettnut _______H120616__08/04/1961__Black____Small plate_____The original owner! Full restoration just completed
GTs58______________H120642__08/04/1961__Black____Small solid_____Acquired from orig owner in New Mexico
pedalsnostalgia____H120710__08/04/1961__R. Red___Small plate____ Islandschwinn donated for the rebirth of a Coppertone 5 speed
Chuyrn ___________H121396__08/07/1961__Unknown_Large_________Project in red primer.
Unknown__________H121825__08/07/1961__Black____Small plate____Unmolested nearly complete Sold on eBay 2/8/2008
MIKE-101ST _______H121943__08/07/1961__Black____Unknown______Frame set with chainguard
greenephantom____H1xxxxx__08/XX/1961__R Green__Small plate____Now being restored and painted Black
lth63064 __________K152476__10/26/1961__Black____Small plate____Was 4 sale 1/2014. Warren, MI.
MIKE-101ST________K152480__10/26/1961__Black____Small plate____Has owned for the last 10 + years
mike _______________K152756__10/26/1961__R. Green__Large plate____Has been restored back to a Corvette 5
Muncie-mike_________L151445__11/27/1961__Black____Small__________Thrift shop find. Original
schwinn-bike-bobb __L151458__11/27/1961__R Green__Small plate_____Late 61 frame built for 62 Cleaned up & back to OEM
GTs58 ____________L151532__11/27/1961__R. Red ___Large plate_____Fresh from a shed in Stockton. 1962 model
krankrate__________L151549__11/27/1961__Black____Small plate_____Another late 1961 frame built up as a 1962 model.
GTs58 ____________L151554__11/27/1961__R. Blue___Small plate_____Original paint. Small slotted alloy pie plate
hotvw_____________L151628__11/27/1961__R. Blue___Unknown______Project bike. Ebay seller: 1990fordbronco Location Hammond IN.
Oilit_______________L151683__11/27/1961__R. Green__Small solid_____Unmolested original only missing light and crash rail
Rodger M._________L152015__11/27/1961__Black____Unknown______Frameset with guard Seller twohungover
Pedalin Past_______L152117__11/27/1961__Black____Unknown______ Purchased by Shadow27 and then resold
popmachines______L152142__11/27/1961__R. Green__Small solid_____Originated in Avondale AZ.
mcwildz06_________L152228__11/27/1961__Black_____Small plate____Late 61 frame but built in 1962 as a 1962 model.
DonFelipe_________L152274__11/27/1961__R. Red___Small solid_____Started out in Pomona and still in CA
26thstWoodsman __L152412__11/27/1961__Black____Large plate_____Owned for the last 10 years.
cat17106u9s_______L152448__11/27/1961__R.Red____Large plate_____Set up W/Crusier 5 wheelsets Custom modified.
Alex L _____________A221536__01/18/1962__Black____Small solid_____Sold by Shadow27 4-2014
dave the wave____A223160__01/19/1962__R. Blue____Large_________ Sold a Green one to Shadow27
R69Sman _________A228147__01/24/1962__Black____Unknown_______A near complete project worthy of a restoration
npiotrowski1234___A228215__01/24/1962__Black____Small N,O______For sale in Arlington Heights IL. eBay
jrcfiny____________A228259__01/24/1962__R. Red___Small solid_____All original drivetrain componets
krate007__________A228506__01/24/1962__Black____Small plate_____Very nice original. Second owner. Origin Louisville KY
MIKE-101ST_______A228773__01/24/1962__R. Blue___Unknown______Converted to a one speed. Origin Elmhurst, IL.
Chris______________D215943__04/04/1962__R. Red___Small solid____One owner sold by Son
Stormsorter _______D215960__04/04/1962__R. Red___Unknown______Painted, stripped down rat.
BudgetBikeCenter_D215976__04/04/1962__Black____Small plate_____For sale in Wisconsin
Nickinator________D215979__04/04/1962__R. Red___Small plate ____Sold and then Spoker purchased it back, sold again In Minnesota
In Iowa___________D216062__04/04/1962__Black____Small Solid_____Currently for sale. Iowa Craigs.
GTs58____________D216608__04/04/1962__R. Red___Small plate_____Almost complete survivor from NY.
jnat306bg_________D216626__04/04/1962__R. Blue __Small plate_____Slotted pie plate. Original survivor
MIKE-101ST_______D216631__04/04/1962__Black____Unknown_______Frame & fork, Seller: bobbysue001 Grosport, IN.
MIKE-101ST_______D216671__04/04/1962__R. Blue___Small plate_____Waiting for the Bone Doctor to put her back together
123totalpack______D216708__04/04/1962__Black____Small plate______Birth year bike!
kevin x____________D217033__04/04/1962__Black____Small solid______From Redlands to Orange CA
kfox44..seller______D217048__04/04/1962__R. Red___Small plate_____Fameset W/rear hub, protector, shifter, fork, guard
StevieB___________D217123__04/04/1962__Black____Large plate_____Getting cleaned up and reassembled
kfox44..seller______D217163__04/04/1962__R. Red___Unknown_______Frameset with guard, Sprint derailleur and shifter
Greg G._____________D217222__04/04/1962__Black____Small solid_____Popmachine was seller
Blue Freak ________D217585__04/04/1962__R. Blue___Small plate_____Next to the last bike built that day. Very nice survivor
hentown62corvette _H261769__08/23/1962__R. Red___Unknown_______On eBay 05/2012. Seller in Lubbock TX.
popmachines ______H263676__08/24/1962__Black____Large plate_____schwinn-bike-bobb, Trooper50
Rockford____________H263768__08/24/1962__Black____Small alloy_____Original owner For sale Rockford CL
schwinnkrate68 ____H264129__08/24/1962__Black____Large plate_____Found in a Chevy Corvette collectors backyard barn.
Judy Thomas ______H276216__08/30/1962__R. Red___Small plate_____Was for sale in Arlington TX. Slotted protector
detroitbike_________H276385__08/30/1962__R Green__Unknown______Original Flowbee32 . Project bike. Now located in Michigan.
Krateness_________H276612__08/30/1962__R. Blue___Small solid_____Super yard sale find.
popmachines ______H276927__08/30/1962__R. Red___Large_________Previous owner detfireff
Pantmaker ________H279197__08/31/1962__R. Blue __Small slotted___Purchased from original owner in Chicago
MisterT ___________H279201__08/31/1962__Black____Small slotted___3rd Owner. Mint un-restored original with original documents.
C. Flora___________H279226__08/31/1962__R.Green__Small plate____Slotted alloy plate. Orig derailleur
Stickley___________H279228__08/31/1962__Black____Small plate_____Complete Original Royal Oaks MI
jnat306bg_________H279778__08/31/1962__Black____Small solid_____Now in Ashland, Ky. OG drivetrain
602spilnyk ________H279801__08/31/1962__R. Blue___Large plate____Seller: popmachines
MIKE-101ST_______H279902__08/31/1962__R. Red___Small plate_____From Grass Valley CA. Small slotted protector
Pat Kane__________H280045__08/31/1962__R. Red___Small solid_____3rd Owner. Sold new @ Bob's Bicycle Nashville TN. Now in Hendersonville
Jay81_______________H280085__08/31/1962__R. Red___Small plastic___Barn find.
popmachines ______J211133__09/04/1962__R. Blue___Small solid_____3nd owner. Greg M. 2nd owner
Riff___ ______________J211220__09/04/1962__R. Red___Small plate_____Now up in Washington
amsaak______________J211226__09/04/1962__R. Red___Large plate_____Sold 3/4/2011 kfox44 seller. Orig. derail.
dahlq________________J211276__09/04/1962__R. Red___Large plate____ For sale on eBAy 9-10-13
pedalsnostalgia_____L242478__11/30/1962__Coppertone__Unknown___Possibly the last Corvette 5 speed built. A 1963 model
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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Sep 2, 2012
Central Arizona
Just bought a 1962 5 speed. Local barn find..Will post pics later..
Jim, congrats on the barn find! And please post the pics here along with the serial number. Thanks!

Don, I think Popmachines decided to can the making of the pie plates. There were not enough people interested to meet the number required to cover the expense. Hopefully someday these will get reproduced.
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Wore out three sets of tires already!
Dec 1, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ
I have two of them, both from original owners. A blue beauty and a recent find that I am bringing completely back from the dead. Gary not totally sure if I gave you all the info on both.


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Sep 2, 2012
Central Arizona
I have two of them, both from original owners. A blue beauty and a recent find that I am bringing completely back from the dead. Gary not totally sure if I gave you all the info on both.
Lets see some pictures! ;) I see the Blue 62 is listed.

And Spoker, AKA buick, where is the one that you sold? Gotta new owners name for me?

Kevin and Don, please post some pictures and add your info.
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Wore out three sets of tires already!
Oct 22, 2014
Chicago Suburbs
I'd be interested in a repo pie plate. Mine is missing. I'm 26thstwoodsman on your list, fattyre on here.

I also need a brake caliper arm. The side with the barrel adjuster. It was bent from the bars being turned and hitting the frame. I broke it like a dummy trying to straighten it. If anyone has one I'd be interested.



Riding my '38 Deluxe Bluebird
Jul 21, 2011
Mpls, MN
Who got the pretty green one from Iowa last week? Anyone here? He was asking (and I believe got) $1200. I thought about it for 5 minutes...Looked super nice and og.



Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Sep 2, 2012
Central Arizona
Who got the pretty green one from Iowa last week? Anyone here? He was asking (and I believe got) $1200. I thought about it for 5 minutes...Looked super nice and og.

What site or where was this one listed?

Spoker, I changed the owners name on the one you sold. So he's not a member here huh?

Hobo Bill. As soon as I can find a way to reduce the characters on the list, or have the max limit here changed, I'll add you to the list. (Got you listed!)
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Finally riding a big boys bike
Dec 29, 2009
Lititz, United States
Here's my bike that I have had since May of 1975.
Reporting in for you, Gary. I damn near lost this bike in the spring as my wife threw me out of the house. Fortunately, I was able to cash in a life insurance policy to buy a nice newer mobile home outright, and have moved all my important stuff, and myself into it. that is why I have been kind of rare lately, but here is the bike. Still looking good through thick and thin.

I just took these pics a couple of minutes ago as of this posting.



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