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    Here's several lots of Schwinn history memorabilia from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. Click individual highlighted/underlined links below for MANY more photos, or to purchase directly with credit or paypal.

    -Schwinn Bicycle Specifications Catalog LOT of : 1970 to 1980 - Shows complete bike specs for every model made CLICK HERE $150

    -Schwinn Repair Parts / Bicycle Specifications Catalog LOT of : 1986 to 1999 - Shows complete bike specs for every model made CLICK HERE $90

    -Schwinn "News Flash" Bulletins LOT: 1970 to 1984 - Plus 1981 Bicycling Magazine / Advertisements / Sales Register / Calendars / Color Guide... CLICK HERE $150

    -Vintage Schwinn "Parts" Dealer Black Binder: 1960's - 1970's CLICK HERE $35

    I have hundreds of vintage Schwinn catalogs/manuals, parts, hardware, tools, & decals for sale! CLICK HERE
    schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19204.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19205.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19209.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19219.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19224.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19226.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19233.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19237.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19241.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19250.JPG schwinn_catalogs_books_ads_memorabilia_19265.jpg