Schwinn Serial Number Reference

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Mark Johnston

Finally riding a big boys bike
Apr 16, 2017
I think this is either a ‘47 or ‘52, any help would be appreciated. Drop center rims, large straight bar, Musselman rear hub, Schwinn front. D15015


Look Ma, No Hands!
Aug 27, 2018
houston, texas
I also need help with serial number please. It looks like L504646 to me.... thank you for your help!

serial number.jpg



Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Sep 11, 2013
Ft Myers, Florida
uh oh what brand is it then?
Right, it's not Schwinn, but looks like a early 60's huffy to me, yet maybe a Murray otherwise IDK. Maybe a little elaboration as to why Schwinn is more popular so, there's more who know too. Your 1st photo of dropout and serial numbers. My 1st impression was: "Is that a Schwinn?" if so why does it look so cheap? The welds, metal thickness etc. Then I thought maybe it's prewar, but, while perhaps more roughly made then, "that" cheap?' Thankfully you put whole bike photo,. Yeah, difference was a company's ability to retain quality and compete. Schwinn too nearly crooked, lucky for them the stingray pulled em though the 60's. it cost more than Huffy, Murray's cheap bikes, but it was made a lot better, stronger and from chrome to paint, worth it.
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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Apr 7, 2012
Rathdrum, Idaho
1946 series Hxxxxx Ixxxxx Jxxxxx A0xxxx (small type face) Bxxxxx
Cxxxxx (low number)

Cxxxxx is probably a cusp number between 46 and 47. More on the 47 side.

1947 series Cxxxxx/Dxxxxx

1948 series Dxxxxx ect...

Identifying features:

Skinny drop outs (1946)
Razor edge fenders
Shortie rear fender(early 1946 rare)
light cover has deep rear screw hole
Raised or de bossed style AS clamp(rare)
Non scripted light lens
Tapered pencil kick stand
Canti frames have more of a hump to the top tube. (Early)
Straight bars ie "fat bars" have same dia bottom tubing. (This feature also was found on later years and is not solely indicative of a 1946)
Rack clamp is a one piece flat band aid shaped plate.
Rear top stay fender bracket is sometimes tubular on early frames. (I've only seen this on dx models). My 46 rear fender stay mount is taller and more boxy then late 40s 50s style.
Early 46 tanks have been seen with tapped brackets ie left over snap style prewar tanks.
Big outtie delta horn button and tank hole (prewar size).
Chain guard front frame mount tab is thinner with bigger hole.
Grips will be oval with one tail coming off N without double back crossover(late prewar style)
Rear chevron will be shorter on 46.
Drop center rims or sometimes Lobdell flat profile rims.
1946 bikes have been found with 1941 stamped dogleg cranks
skinny truss rods.
Springer pivot bolt rumored to be chrome on early 46?
Pivot clip was prewar style half clip.(early)
Springer fenders sported diamond and tombstone reinforcement tabs
Granted stuff got replaced or got carried over ie pencil stand.
Note; (A) serial started again in 51 but in regular larger print.
What I have gathered doing research and asking experts is that the I J and K serials would have been left over prewar BB shells and or frames that had already been stamped prior. A being the first true postwar serial. Hope this helps. Pm me if you have any further questions or would like to add something to the list. Thank you
I have serial numbers, B82385 E-Z Speed DX model with the rare short fender missing! & J85385 Straightbar model with everything missing (a normal fender fits fine though). I hope this helps with the list, Barry


Wore out three sets of tires already!
May 5, 2014
Santa Cruz,CA.
Thinking this is a 1938 motorbike/cycleplane Frame. Hanging tank will fit it’s 3 3/4” between bars near head tube. When did they change from this seat post clamp style? Thanks guys, Gary.



On Training Wheels
Aug 25, 2018
Hi I've just picked up a womens schwinn the tank says admiral as does the badge it's a Chicago bike there is also a capital A at the very top of the badge the crank has for circles in it and the forks are flat but not a Springer seems all original the tires are 26 x2.175 and it has a back rack and a stretched out looking headlight for the moemnt I have a pic of the number more pics to follow



Look Ma, No Hands!
Sep 1, 2018
Walhalla, SC
Here is my mystery Black Phantom number if you have not seen it.

Image 8-30-18 at 11.45 AM.jpg
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