Schwinn Stingray

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    Finally riding a big boys bike

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    I'm going to try and knock this one out in the next week or two. One of my friends fathers found out I occasionally work on bikes, and asked me if I could take a look at this one. He wants to give it to his grandchildren. It looks better in the photo, than in real life. (the chrome is looking pretty bad). Seat has some tears, and overall its pretty dirty.

    I don't know too much about these, but It looks like it will need a seat, rear break, and rear fender. I will have to see how much he wants to spend, but will get started soon with what is there. (and leave the choice of parts up to him).

    I think it may clean up, I will post another pic when done.


    From looking at other pictures, I'm guessing its mid to late 70's, its in ruff shape, and I'm not sure all the chrome will clean up nicely. The chrome on the crank looks pretty gone. (I may remove all the rust on the crank, polish it up, and just clear coat to help prevent it from coming back, This is just an idea). The front fender and handle bars will probably polish up nicely, maybe the wheels too. The frame will probably look decent after a cleaning.

    If I picked up a reproduction seat on e-bay,and got it in riding condition could anyone tell me what it might be worth? I wouldn't want to put more into it, than its worth. I was looking at eBay, and prices seem to be all over the place.

    I'm probably just going to thoroughly clean and polish it up, re-lube, find a rear break that fits, re-cable, and buy a reproduction seat.

    I'm not really doing this one for profit, just a favor to a friend. I will charge for parts, and maybe get a dinner and a few beers.
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    Looks like a 1975 model. Serial number should indicate what year it is. I believe @island schwinn had a 74 five speed that he sold toetap05.gif so he might be able to give you an estimated value after it's cleaned up.
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    Can't really tell,but looks opaque red in the picture,which would make it a 74.I sold mine with added topbar shifter for 550 was pretty nice too.the sissy bar is wrong for this bike also.
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