Serial number?

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Hey guys I bought what seems to be a 1964 western flyer strato flyer. I’ve looked the entire bike over really well and the only number I could find was stamped on the dropout. It read as follows. M0W 84x10 253696

Can someone tell me where to look this up or if you already know how, if this is the serial number and what information you can find on this particular bike! Thank you for your time and help.


Archie Sturmer

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The first post in that thread may apply to 1960’s middleweight bicycles.


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Be forewarned, all the pre-1965 dates given at the beginning of that thread are 'guesstimates'. The list of '30s -1959 was from a Western Auto parts book, and is now the go-to for Murray #s of those dates. The '60-'64 numbers are a mishmash of letters and codes. So far, no headway in decoding them. This is the WA list: