Show Off Your Vintage Bicycle Advertising


Finally riding a big boys bike
Another pic of lion.


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
In Memoriam
Racycle Ad

Here is my latest purchase from ebay..... from the Henderson Litho Co. Cin

It is a fairly funny one When you first look at it you see a beautiful woman dressed quite nicely for the day and it reads on the top

A Bicycle is not a Racycle
without Racycle Crank Hanger

why is a CHEAP bicycle like this lady?

( hold to the light )


At the bottom it says:

Buy a Racycle.

Well when you hold it to the light you quickly notice the womans undergarments and her actual shape - LOL

with the saying at the bottom:

A fine finish but a Poor frame.


I think it is a very impressive Ad for Racycle in the day!

Here it is from the back: