Skip tooth chain wanted

Dick Rath

Look Ma, No Hands!
Needed: 52 inch length of 1" pitch x 1/4" ( skip-tooth chain ) in servicable condidtion with master link. For those not familiar
with bicycle chain terminolgy the 1/4" refers to the inside width between link plates - to fit sprockets 1/4 wide (thick). Needed to replace the damaged drive chain on a pre-1900 Iver Johnson bicycle. Email or call me with description of condidtion and price including shipping to zip code 32958 (Florida). Email address: ----- Cell phone: 518-339-7867
Dick Rath Note: response to this post has been puzzling - I thought I was describing the type and measurement of the chain I require yet of all of the responses I've recived all of them turned out to be 3/16" betweent the link side plates which simply will not fit onto sprocket that are 1/4" wide (thick). So I am still trying to find the chain I require.........note the chain I'm replacing has been stretched to the point where it is no longer please; if you have one you'd like to sell it will hopefullu actually be 1/4chain, 1" pitch (skip tooth) and be in good to excellent condidion and not stretched.
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