Sunday's Show and Tell... 1/29/23

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Just Jeff

Wore out three sets of tires already!
Went to the Long Beach Swap today, and this followed me home.





Look Ma, No Hands!
While visiting with my Mom recently, we attended an snow sculpture event at our local ski resort, The Great Bear, So.Dakota.
Photographed some VANS that'd been rode hella hard!
Built a set of wheels for the Fox MotoX Graco bmx utilizing 42mm wide STRANGER CRUX rims to better match the vinatage RM125 as a clone.
Finally found an ideal licenses plate intended for my folk art whip riffling through my deceased stepfathers junk, and serendipitously, this "key chain" license plate is the year i was born and the county I grew up in...Rad!
Recently shot some @OKCSODACO product placement photos at an indoor sk8 park, whereas the lighting sucked hard. The plan is to do another shoot with some bmx'ers at the Hoffman Action Sports park with natural lighting. Furthermore, I'm prototyping some FIRE action shots for the steel handrails and concrete pools. Ain't having any fun til someone dials 911.











Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
So this week I got one that I've been after for a while. Manton and Smith is a fairly obscure brand and literature is almost non-existent. The Golden Zephyr was their top-of-the-line bike and had a lot of deluxe features. A big thanks to Ethan @poolboy1, Mark @markivpedalpusher for an outstanding packing job, and Pete @onecatahula for brokering this deal.

View attachment 1777208

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Is that bike original or restored? Either way it's pretty amazing. I don't typically get excited about M&S bikes but this one is obviously special.


Finally riding a big boys bike
Added a new tag to the collection this week. I can tell I have a problem when I straight up purchased without any hesitation when I saw it on eBay.


Also, the Schwinn with many baskets got new rubber. Some small adjustments are needed and she is ready to ride this Spring.


Lastly, I got in these awesome Ford wrenches from @eeapo for my collection of tools.



Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Working on a November '70 Cotton Picker Bobby U picked and sent my way. It's a nice example/repaint/ decals that has mostly original parts and a correct ( thanks to Bob's help) recovered seat. I'm going with repop tires contrary to my usual OG equipment on the majority of my Krate line up. It's a resto, so I'm lowering the bar$$.

This completes the Apple, Orange, Lemon, Pea, Grey, and Cotton set. If the Spring comes, maybe I'll get them all out for a group outside shot ( have 4 in an outside pic you've all seen). My ( Ghost resto, ALL original Pea, Lemon, Orange) nicest are in the basement Man Cave ( as is the Cotton as I work on it/Apple in Garage) which is jammed to the hilt. The Cotton will go to the Garage ( Man Cave 2) when complete due to space limitations. I have 20 bikes in the Man Cave right now with Cotton. I know, that's laughably few compared to "real" Cabe ( Cave?) Men?

My stairs are like firehouse angle so it's always a chore bringing 'em in, and taking 'em out, but an outside shot is best. I just hung the shirts there for background. The "Steve"white one is an original shop shirt that Bad Bob sold me years back.

Also some more '63 Corvette stuff. ( reasons for this '63 facination will be obvious come April) Kinsmart 1/36 scale model foursome sit on the juke box due to lack of shelf space. A friend gave me this unique book on Corvette detailing this week. Most of you have seen my '61. I bought a '63 original literature piece. Coker tire via Fed Ex dropped some sweet red line tires off this week. UPS some Sting Ray floor matts.

Now, show and tell the weather, it's new. It's -21F here today. For those of you in warm temps, look at my Honda. Yes, plugged in and it's not an electric car. That's a Block heater and battery charger. My old relic '05 Chev Venture van is also plugged in and ready to go. I think I'll leave the '03 Honda sit and get warm. Ha!

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Wow Bob, I won’t ever forget your Winters! Every parking spot of my hotel had an outlet and Hertz gave you got a 2 meter extension chord to plug in at night!
Filled the Garage - WOW!!! Your Collections and displays were fantastic when I saw them years ago - all the cool stuff and so much to see - goid for you brother!
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