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Sunday's Show and Tell ... 10/4/20

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A fantastic week, yee-ha! Located a 1906 Hendee -Hedstrom Indian engine for the rolling chassis! A perfect patina match.






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Been a busy several weeks and haven't posted some recent finds. Came across another Colson rear steer with Flyer badge. Will get this one riding again after some front fork work. Then grabbed a dropstand for it.


Then a 38' girls Colson came up with an interesting seat post.


Then stopped out by @the tinker to grab a Monark butterfly stand and bought a few seats too. Always a good time talking to him.





Since I didn't have enough Colson's, I have to pick up this frame at MLC later this month. Now to find a badge.



Stopped at the swap in Villa Park this morning and you guessed it, more Colson's. A cool 20" with Davis Deluxe tire in good shape. And then a 24" frame with Colson chain ring.



Technically this is a next week's find.
Just picked up this Huffman early this morning, sporting a strange serial number.
Has a "5M" prefix...hmmm, anybody?

11 1944 fork stamping.
I'm guessing that makes this a 1945.
I'll call it a 1944-45 Lightning Flyer with an early Cadet speedo.

Cool Military school decal on the fender
RMA (Richmond Military Academy) is what the owner said.


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The Chicago Biketober swap and show is still going on. I was the second person there, at 0630 this morning. Just got home. lots of Cabe members there, and tons of vintage bikes and parts. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything, but promises are made to be broken. Brought 5 bikes there to sell and sold three and lots of parts. Bought this original Higgins saddle for 20 bucks

and a killer Monark springer for 35.

Big Don gave me this great looking bike tag as a gift for working a miracle on a couple of fenders with the roller. Does anyone know anything about this tag?

It has "DICK CO." 1946 stamped into it. Thanks to Neandertha, l can now buy the wife a new burka.

God, I love that woman of mine.
Speaking of wives, I asked Neanderthal if he told his wife what he paid for that Monark kickstand?

He just smiled. Typical bike guy. I took it off a Monark just like his, many years back. It finally found the right home. The one bike that I thought would sell, didn't. As I went to load it up, it was finally being looked at. Too bad, I decided to keep it and rat-rod it out with the Monark springer. I had a $150 price on this Colson and no one gave it a second look.

Can't figure that one out. Nice, straight pre-war bike. So, I guess I bought my own Colson. Didn't really want to sell it anyway. Had a good time at the swap, and that's what counts.
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I didn’t buy anything at the swap meet today. That does happen once in a while . But a bike friend was nice enough to give me a part I’ve been hunting for a couple of years. I also stopped and picked up my grandfathers chair from his old machine shop we have been cleaning out for over a year. So I can use it I’m my home shop .



I am absolutely loving my Orange Krate. A Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub with drum brake is on order from the UK. I had no idea such a thing existed, and in 28H, to match the rear wheel? Win!

The big challenge I see is figuring out the cable routing for the 3 speed in a way that sufficient tension can be applied.

Goal: to be able to ride it to work!

I have been away from bikes this year. This came to me this week. It had a Whizzer motor on it, he kept that. The bike looks like it was hit in rear, fender is folded and wheel is very bad. I have wheels to replace these and a pair of chrome fenders that will go on it. Also have a seat and clamp.





Driving home from an estate sale noticed an open garage door with two guys working around a full of boxes and other stuff garage and two bikes by the garbage cans . Thought it was a garage sale so I turned around and asked they said no garage sale the bikes are being tossed out. Asked if I can have them they said sure. One is a Sears and the other is an almost New Schwinn World Tourist. Sears had in the basket two new tubes in boxes and pedals. Might make the Schwinn a personal rider since its a tall frame.


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