Sunday's Show and Tell ... 12/19/21

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Wore out three sets of tires already!
Christmas came a little early,got the word that an ole house was bein cleaned out by the kids so they can sell it and move on ,,that means toss whats in there ,or have it

,Still got my Dumpster Divin Skills,,so here Ya have it ,,one house one Dive,,When Ya see Charley Weaver layin on the ground Ya no your in for a good pick!!here he is showin some stuff,,some dummy spots for the shop,,cool Odds an Ends,,My 2 favs are the Art Deco working Relax It massager outta Hollywood or The Doo Tee infant trainer from Oakland,,Outdoor Decor includes a 80LB ball of Natural Onyx,,A Loboy Scale,,,and a cool Darigold Milk Crate,,with the Pinkertons warning on the Back,,Enjoy,,, Happy Everything!!


















Finally riding a big boys bike
A few things I picked up in the last week. Very nice Schwinn chainguard and rack. Rough Tomakawk stem, this is all I got. Has a bad repair, maybe will get fixed. 50's Royal Flyer balloon tire bike, not sure who sold this bike here in Canada. I also bought a Schwinn DX(no pics yet), will pick up this week with some extras. made a deal with same guy for a Hex Tube frame and parts, almost free. Will get pics when I get it.

20211212_152218 (2).jpg

20211212_152229 (2).jpg

20211212_152300 (2).jpg

20211212_152312 (2).jpg

20211212_152423 (2).jpg

20211212_152428 (2).jpg




Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
picked up three 70's-80's girlie Schwinn lightweights mainly for this 3-speed wheelset for my 1950 Traveler.
got some crusty prewar truss rods for my crusty 41 DX. the clean looking part got some Evaporust. I'll evaporust the rest then let nature take over.
got a Sturmey Archer front drum for my lightweight Frankenbike I am so far just building in my head and collecting parts. I have a rear drum brake of unknown origin as well.



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New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
A beautiful TOC wooden chain guard and a chain ring and crank (not shown) came my way from @Goldenrod. These incredible SFO Airport Museum brochures arrived from @Axlerod; a big thanks to both gentlemen! A bunch of grips also arrived. Today my Columbia Model 44 racer got a new set of Robert Dean tires I aged-down. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!





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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
New to me 1965 Corvette Coupe - 350 hp 327, 4 speed, numbers matching, factory air, original paint and interior. It’s been 40 years since my parents sold our 1967 Corvette during my freshman year at college. We bought that one late 1970’s for $5800. Should have kept it. Always wanted another one but wife, kids, work, bicycles took priority. Recently found this one that checked all my boxes. Not a show car but very presentable and great driver.

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Sweet, I bought a '61 roadster numbers matching with orig GM Hardtop, 4 speed, 283 this Fall. One of 5 that were exported to GM Switzerland in '61. Cool history/provenance. PM me if you want more info, I'd like to see/hear more about your Vette. Cheers, Bob

Mr. Monkeyarms

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Found these noise makers at the gas station we stop at during todays Bluz Cruz.

I've never seen a rubber chicken dressed like Santa before & makes a funny noise when you squeeze it.🤣🤣 Will give it to a friend that already has a rubber chicken. She brings it on Bike Nights when we do the "Chicken Dance. Nothing says Christmas like a rubber chicken in a Santa suit!😆😆 The pig sounds a lot like a pig and squeeels the harder you squeeze it just like a real pig. 🤣🤣


I live for the CABE
Last plates of the year....
One more for the Ca. collection........Fairfield 11.....plate #211 and city #148....looks like a BB gun shot next to the L and before the 11......



Del Monte Forest 2020......recently got 2018 and now looking for 2019.....if you do not have a plate, or a good story (reservations at a restaurant or an Estate Sale address) you will be charged $10.50, at one of 5 gates, for the privilege of driving around the forests of Pebble Beach. If you ride in on a bike its free, as long as you do not stop at the gate house.....the security guards have never chased me down in over 20 years so I assume its free for bikes....


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