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Sunday's Show and Tell ... 2/11/24

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picked up a more complete evil kneivil bike for the boy. fresh from the barn. looks like it was hardly riden.

Went to a small swap in Syracuse. Picked up an excellent 1939 ladies dx and a pile of random stuff. It was their first year doing it. Tons of 60s rusty junk priced absolutely crazy. It was comical I could have filled up the what are you laughing at now thread. Waited till the end made an offer on this beauty and got it. Happy Sunday!

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Well that stuff was worth the trip!
Found this one local. Came out of Ashland Nebraska. I was told by the owner that it came from a local shoe store or shoe repair shop there. He believes the clock had been hanging there since the 30's. Electric Neon Clock Company, Cleveland Ohio know as the Aztec clock. Works great and keeps perfect time. Been wanting one for awhile. Feel pretty lucky to find this one right down the road with some local history.

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Had a pretty good week..I actually got a few bike parts even..😁

I scored a small truckload of NOS VW parts cheap,which included a pair of NOS Dellorto 40 carbs with linkage! and almost enough mechanical parts to rebuild 1 later Beetle !
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Some NOS bike parts to put up for trade bait for parts I need!😉
I picked up some NOS 28" No. 76 United States Chain tread tires
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This NOS chrome Shelby (I had been told by an "expert" 😁) train headlight
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And 2 fantastic minty action figures (NOT dolls!😄)
A SWEET GI Joe AT Air Adventurer with Kung Fu grip CHEAP!
And a nice Mego Robin all original CHEAP as well (That showed up with a broken knee pin because the seller is a pinhead)
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AND FWIW...Cant WAIT to se the Deadpool trailer today!!! 😍
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