Sunday's Show and Tell ... 8/28/22

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Thanks to some righteous Cabers I now have a sweet Krate lot. The quality and originality of these bikes is breathtaking. The '68 Apple from sunny California, the other 3 eatables from New York.

I reluctantly sold my only Krate to date ( 40 years of collecting) a few years back/2019 after only owning 2 years ( a gorgeous ALL original '69 Lemon Peeler) to a new local collector and was kinda jonesing for a replacement.

Well when it rains it pours. Ironically the 3 disc Krates I just bought ( Pea, Lemon, Orange) from New York were also from the same home of the '69 Lemon Peeler back in 2017. ( posted on Cabe, sold from Ray to Mark) The '69 came from Ray ( NY), sold to Mark( SC) who sold to me ( Wpg. Canada), who I sold to Dave ( Wpg. Canada).

When I showed the '69 Lemon Peeler pics ( one I bought from Mark, sold to Dave) to Ray this month, he says "that looks like my old bike"! Yup, right down to the SN# ( see pics/these are of the '69). I'll post the 4 bike line up with Lemon Peeler last to avoid confusion? Ha! I'm not sure who the old bald guy playing "pocket pool" is in the picture with the Apple

, but by the looks of him, he won't be hard to catch if he runs or rides!!
















InkedIMG_1009 from Ray Aug. 2022.jpg


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
This down on its luck ladies Columbia Superb got pulled out of a barn locally recently and found its way to me. Looks like a '41 or early '42 model with a G serial and H overcode. Love the paint scheme and the little V's on the fenders. The guy who found it swapped some clean up work for it, and as it turns out a bit of a hoarder of old goods as well. I traded him an acoustic guitar which I had pulled out of a post yard sale free pile for it. Do you think I paid too much?

And on other topics a tremendous shout out to @THEGOLDENGREEK for his stupendous August finds!! You my friend have scored a rare hat trick with your Phantom, Auto Cycle, Four Gill, and Shelby finds just this month, which by the way still has a few more days for you to see what else you can cram in!!





New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great summer. Here are a few I have picked up in the last month. A Klein, a couple of BMX’s and some Ritchey’s. Also a few old frames, 1921 CCM, Schwinn and a Rollfast. That is it. Have Fun😀 View attachment 1686544
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View attachment 1686552
Lov'in on that lemon-drop Klein. The high center of gravity on mine makes it hard on the trails but a fabulous townie bike (actually my favorite). Maybe why these show up looking so minty. They tend to be the under-looked steal of the vintage mtb category; they just need to be repurposed. Looks like you had a great week!
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Finally riding a big boys bike
I took a collection of 142 pieces of "Nudie" glasses on trade for a couple of bikes. Pretty interesting how the risqué stuff from a previous generation is probably PG13 rated by today's standards, but I still probably shouldn't show the back sides of them here!