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Sunday's Show and Tell... 8/7/22

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Few more pics 'O stuff mentioned previous. The pictures are kinda dark/scanned but clearly there were Pope motorcycles sold there along with Brantford bicycles too. Not visible in these scans, but the 2nd picture has a "Pope motorcycles" sign below the "Brantford Bicycles" sign and of course all the motorcycles to the right of the owner. West End Cycle Shop- Winnipeg 1911.



s-l1600 (21).jpg

s-l1600 (23).jpg

s-l1600 (26).jpg

Scan_20220803 (7).jpg

Scan_20220803 (6).jpg

Scan_20220803 (5).jpg

Scan_20220803 (4).jpg

Scan_20220803 (3).jpg

Scan_20220803 (2).jpg


I'm the Wiz, and nobody beats me!

I usually don’t post on the what’d you get thread, but I’m pretty excited about this one.
I know, you’re thinking, a road bike!
But this little gem caught my eye on the Chicago Craigslist.
It’s interesting in that it has the chrome lugs and stays that you would expect to see on the late 60’s/70’s bikes, but it still has the early 1st generation decal kit.
The serial number puts it right around the middle of 1960, so it must have been in the last batch of bikes produced that were still using the old trim scheme.
It’s had some equipment modifications over the years, so my plan, is to carefully bring it back to a 1959/60 component group.
1960 was a very good year, because that’s when the first Campy Gruppo was introduced, and that was the year I was born.
So, this sweet little 1960 Schwinn Paramount has decided to retire out in California for awhile.
Oh, yeah!
Thank’s Frank, for bringing the Paramount back in house.
Much appreciated!


I live for the CABE
Pretty solid week... I took a trip to see @onecatahula and grab my New Departure cabinet. Thanks again @Jesse McCauley for holding onto it and Pete for the pickup assist!


While I was there I also picked up a an old sewn edge Mesinger for one of my Moto projects as well as a NOS pair of Coker BFG repops for my Red Phantom project... Thanks again Pete it's always a pleasure!


I also picked up a couple of random smalls... some saddlebags, Specialized thorn proof tubes and a funky wall mounted bike clamp




Saved the best for last... '41 BFG Challenger. Nice solid original bike. Second BFG this month! Can't wait to get this one serviced




New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
My bike of the week is an adult size Swiss ski bike. These are still being handmade with virtually the same design since 1911. I was told, starting in the early 1930’s, the runners were constructed of laminate instead of solid wood. A new batch of Dean’s have arrived and put out to pasture to sun craze. Some pedals, literature, and two Excelsior stock certificates Walter Branche got out of the Schwinn Building also arrived this week.