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Sunday's Show and Tell ... 9/3/23

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I really forget if I posted these Jag pics, owned for almost 10 years but the pics are new and the green is neat. Also another BIG green model boat made in Japan, restored by a friend, has a buzzer in rear and 2 HUGE magnet motors. 21 inches. Paired with the maroon one I posted last week, same restorer. A cabin cruiser transistor radio made in Japan, works, I love those early radios, Bob's Big Boy approved. Then I bought a 1978 Fender U.S.A. natural ash Stratocaster to match the U.S. made '78 Mustang and '78 Custom Telecaster. I never used to like the natural wood guitars, now I love them. Go figure. We are getting new street lights here in Winnipeg. They look cool as heck, but don't light the street. I'm told they are faulty and will be replaced eventually. Hmnn? Sounds like a liquid lunch was bought for someone ( city Councellor), greased the palms, Payola, whatever. They make me wanna park under them and listen to Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" ( That is the moon on the left in the pic on the road, 17th pics in?) until someone creams me, which isn't my gig. One or two are around neat backdrops ( VERY dark road thru a local golf course), not a fan of cell phones but they take good pics. Funny, a pal was sending me pics thru FB a 1961 Chrysler dash and suggesting designer doing LSD. No intoxants in my body in these 1961 Corvette pics, but pretty freakey visions!

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MaaamaaaciiiTaaa querida...😶‍🌫️👅🥰👆👆👆

Uuuufff Uuuufff Uuuufff Hhhmm..

Eso Esta de Show...jijijiji....👀🫣😊😊😊
Got my gf and I a new car.

I picked up a couple hard to find Antique Traffic Light lenses these are referred to as Atomic Lenses and were used only in Chicago and not all signals had them.. now just need to find the hardest one.. the Green one.. its amazing how they made such cool things back in the old days and these were in traffic lights !!


My recent buys at auction. Too many to list, if you want more info contact me. Also got "sloppy seconds" pick of a bike barn: mostly rims, a bunch of skiptooth chain, a couple used schwinn slicks and misc other used tires. The thing that saved the day was a set of 33, 34 model A 17" wheels and NOS Goodyear tires, sold and paid for the pick. Happy hunting
















I bought this a few hours ago...I'm thinking around 1980 because of the down tube shifters...Motobecane Super Mirage.
Rear wheel looks to have been replaced as well as the fork and saddle, but I got it cheap which is why I bought it, lol.😄 Another toy to work on.

I'll do a full Post on it tomorrow.


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