This'll Ring Your Bell- The 735 Dollar Bicycle Bell- 150 years old, and looks like a fig

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The Carolina Rambler

Finally riding a big boys bike
Did anyone else see this bell- iron bracket, bronze bell with traces of nickel? This is something that I was going to bid on, until it reached $200! And then it was madness from that point on. It is the oldest bicycle bell I have ever seen, probably 1860s-70s, and it is pretty, but $735 Plus $25 shipping from England! That's unbelievable! Boy it would have looked real good on one of my real old timers though. I would've tied a string to the striker ball so I could ring it on demand. Oh well, I guess I'll find a newer sort of bell and replicate this one, that is more my price range. If anyone on here got it, feel free to show us a picture once you get it mounted on your wheel, its awesome.