To PART or NOT to PART... that is the question?! 1936-37 Silver King M1

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Riding my '39 Silver King 26X
I have here a nice, original, un-restored '36-37 Silver King M1 24" aluminum bike. I want to sell it, but I have a dilemma; should I part it out or sell it as a complete bike?

To max out, it makes more sense to part it out - the individual parts values conservatively add up to several hundred more than I think the bike as a whole will bring. But, if I part it out there is the time and expense of taking it apart and packing and shipping many individual parts. And it may be a while before all the parts sell. And on the moral side, I may draw the ire of purists who hate to see a nice original bike parted out.

SO, please feel free to comment; I'm asking y'all - if you owned this bike as it sits and wanted to sell it; would you part it out, or sell as a complete bike? And why?

There are some great parts on this bike that seem to be very desirable and high priced: the mens aluminum, slow bulge handlebars (straight with no cracks), those beautiful, original plating triple stepped 24" rims, (36 spoke) with the early, cast hi-low fins (Mars rings) front hub, and those matching Mansfield Champion white walls, in gorg original condition, the rack (which was recently added) and that straight chain guard... it even has the 24" butterfly stand, and the cast aluminum lit tail light with original lens. (Try finding even a repro of that lens is proving very difficult no less an original 30s lens intact condition.)

The only replaced parts on the bike are the grips, rack, and rubber mudguard, all else is original "as found" crust. Battery tube still has most of the original Delta decal, and nice Delta handlebar horn button. No cracks or frame damage either, and no real corrosion, the bike is a rider, although admittedly I have not ridden it. Fenders are also straight and could be improved easily. Headlight is missing a lens but is complete inside and likely works.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this poll of sorts... lemme know your thoughts? To part or not to part, that is the question... outrageous fortune or sea of troubles? (Shakespeare anyone?)

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Fat tired old rider
I see no moral issue, just a practical one: offer it intact, and use the time saved to work more deals :)

if no one steps up, the parting option will always be on the table.

I agree! In an ideal world, someone who is trying to piece one of these together might see this and say, "Why don't I just save myself the headache of trying to find all the parts I'm looking for, and just buy this one. I can always sell the one I'm working on". But then there's always the guy that's going to tell you that he's going to do just that, then turns around and parts it himself. Always a crap shoot on who's going to do what with your old bike once you've sold it.


Riding my '38 Deluxe Bluebird
For me I would sell it complete with my pride intact. Unless a major flaw in the frame was found that compromises the whole bike (such as a really bad weld, bend, crack or massive dent. I know from experience it's hard to part out something but you have to remind yourself how rare the bike really is.

If in the case you do part it out though. Sadly I would like a part off of it which I will pm you about.

Best of luck, Nick.

Andrew Gorman

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Whole bikes are a hard sell. If you can't get rid of it locally intact, part it out. Rack, hornlight battery tube, tail light and kickstand are worth more than the whole bike together. For everyone who wants to pay top dollar for a complete machine, there are dozens who just need that one part. And you can sell what remains as a rat rod or "project". Sell off what you can and buy what you want to play with. Old bikes are livestock, not beloved pets. Unless you really like this particular one and want to curate it into eternity. Harsh, but I have a tiny apartment.