To Repop or not to Repop??

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Look Ma, No Hands!
Jan 19, 2016
Minocqua, United States
I’m looking for opinions on Schwinn reproductions. I found this one for $200.

Does anyone know if the parts are interchangeable with originals? It has AS bolts in all the right places, I think.

I’m hoping to get a Wasp someday and thought that the parts might be helpful.

Any opinions on how the reproductions ride compared to the originals?

Thank you!!


Saint Lactose The Tolerant
Jan 20, 2010
Fairborn, Ohio
Tiberius ... save your money. It is very doubtful that the
reproductions will interchange with the real schtuff.

If the parts were interchangeable ... the re-popper could
make a financial killing selling parts ... and not have to
fiddle with things that need to be packed in large boxes.

..... patric

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Sep 11, 2013
Ft Myers, Florida
The Tank is interchangeable and nuts and bolts should be, but the frame is like, a middle weight of unusual deign so, old 50's balloon fenders are not. The springer is the same size as those 1995 'anniversary, NOT 95 phantom so No 50's balloon fender there too, but do appear to be compatible with 50's through 80's middle weight bikes. Potentially, except there's a very slight difference in welding the pivot plus cheaper chrome finish, in these verses late 70's-early 80's 'Cruisers' . Haven't thought of it before but, those fenders might be the same size of 55 deluxe hornets with S-2 rims.

Then there's this, Binford, that's the 'Home Improvement' TV show with 'Tim the tool man' Binford tool company. I heard somewhere albeit, not confirmed that, they only produced a small number that was given to cast and maybe crew. IDK, maybe ya got a bonus point for TV show thingy, as is. In fact the only Binford painted Schwinn I seen was a guy made the clam 'his was certified to be from member of cast or crew, and they were not otherwise issued. IDK though could of been a Schwinn store special too.

And I have the same thing on a 95 anniversary plus a 2003 5 speed they do ride/ cruise really well. It's the rust and cheap, cheesy low quality metal used on frame, nuts, screws and bolts etc. Plus chrome that's rusting, microscopically, the second they've cooled or dried after plated. that's doing awfully well progressing (regressing) that's troublesome.
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Riding a '37 Dayton Super Streamline
Jul 14, 2009
Evans, GA
It is not a reproduction. It is a relatively modern creation made (cheaply) in the image of a vintage cruiser. As the others have said save your money for a real vintage bike. V/r Shawn


Finally riding a big boys bike
Oct 22, 2011
i live in middletown ohio
I think if you like it an get get a good deal buy it use your on opinion
nothing wrong with early repo.


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Mar 3, 2011
Minneapolis, United States
nice bike,even better show!!its not a repo,it was made as a gift for show members only,that repop word is so over used im tired of it,its used to downgrade a lot of perfectly fine parts,the parts from bone are way nicer than some old rusty og part that some rusty piece of crap some one is tryin to sell cause its og,alot of og parts left alot to desire as far as quality and quality goes,ppl take old junk phantom fenders and pay way to much to have an overpriced chrome job done that comes out less than desirable,when you could ave bought a mint set from bones for a fair price,god lets get over the negitivity of nice aftermarket parts and call junk junk

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