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thanks so much for the assistance with the images of the OSV Sport bicycles, greatly appreciated

they appear to date from ca. 1973

do not recognise a manufacturer

suspect they were contract produced for a chain store or distributor

there is indeed a France based entity called OSV Sport, with the letters standing for "Outdoor Sports Valley"

it seems to be an umbrella sort of organization with the goal of supporting/promoting outdoor sports -

Homepage - Outdoor Sports Valley › ...

rather than being of Frankish origin the machines themselves are clearly Italian products

their only France origin fitting from what can be discerned in the posted images is their NERVAR Sport cottered chainsets -


note the Italian national colour bands on the foil seat tube transfer -


the "bullet" treatment on the seat stays is a very Italian trait

the cycle's headset is Way-Assauto


the brake cable clips and pump cup are REG (Rampinelli)

find meself wondering if the OSV Sport referred to in the transfers is some now gone sports equipment company that decided to add cycles to their offerings during "the boom" of the early 1970's...



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Outstanding. You've provided way more information then I was able to find in my Google searches. The French/Italian collaboration makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for the information, greatly appreciated.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird

Hello again Jack,

if you would like to explore further learning about the marque and the cycles one avenue would be to check for government records in the greater Denver area to see if there have been any businesses with this name

suggest starting at the county level

you do not know start/stop dates but the cycles do give you a specific time that they were in operation

when a small business has closed prior to the launch of the internet it can be difficult to find much about them online