Welcome Schwinners!

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Interesting thing about the old bike hobby is there are collectors that are all about Schwinn and little else, and there are collectors that are interested in everything but Schwinn. Well Schwinn guys, here's a place to hang your hat and maybe let loose of some of those trade secrets!


I live for the CABE
Just wanted to say hello! I'm open to all bikes of all kinds, but somehow I became the "Schwinn Kid" within the past few months (although I'm only a kid at heart now).








You're exactly right Scott, some guys are really into Schwinns and some guys avoid them and prefer anything else, probably because Schwinns are so common they're regarded as being so vanilla.
I do look forward to getting to work on a Schwinn though because I must contend that the material quality was so high that it's fairly easy to breath new life into rusty old parts, I really like that part.

(And yes, I know that black Spitfire is a Frankensteined mess, I'm actively looking for a correct chainguard and straight bar tank!!!) :)


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Thanks, Scott!

Though, I love bicycles in all forms new and old from around the World, my first love, was a Schwinn.
So, when I got into this crazy hobby, of course it had to be a Schwinn, and I never looked back.
Now I've had to rent a storage unit, which totally goes against my grain, and I live in fear that the Auction Hunters will be picking through my stuff.
I can't seem to stop. Everytime I turn on the computer, I see a bike or a part that I just can't live without.
I guess recovery starts with acceptance.
Hello, everyone.
My name is Marty, and I am a certified Schwinnaholic.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Good call, as there are a lot of Schwinn specific questions out there! And, from what I hear, the "official" Schwinn forum is fading out. I never went there due to the drama I always heard about! While I have all different brands of bikes, my first old bike is a 1956 Schwinn Corvette that I bought for $2.50 at a garage sale in 1980. I was 9 at the time, still have it, and about all the parts I need to bring it back to near factory goodness! Now all I need is the spare time....


Wore out three sets of tires already!

Many Schwinn designs were timeless, which have kept their appeal to this day, even though some were fairly conservative. This lead to a broad appeal over the years, in addition to the advertising campaign drilled into the public's head "Schwinn Stands for Quality" which Joe Public believes to this day on all the old Schwinns.

I also believe the quality of paint and chrome, especially the forged parts, and even some of the stamped parts, make them easier to resurrect. Plus the frames were fairly well constructed with engineered lugs. I have beat on many trying to bring them back, and wonder myself how any kid could have bent it this bad in the first place. I've straightened two dozen over the years and have yet to destroy one. I've cracked them and re-welded, and they are still rideable now.

The universal nature of many parts, and the deep parts inventories that existed in many of the stores, continue to help supply the hobby even still today. The shear numbers of bikes distributed in the heydays makes Schwinn a universally accepted collectable ride today...who didn't have or know someone who had one?

53 panther1.JPG


Wore out three sets of tires already!
A Schwinn hooked me on this hobby, and Schwinns are still my ride of choice. I do have an eye out for one pair of non-Schwinn bikes for the fleet someday, but for now I'm happily strung out on Chicago steel. Thanks for the new section!



Finally riding a big boys bike
well i was always was a schwinn guy and hear are my schwinns the one with the motor is how i got hooked on vintage iron because that crappy bike with the motor was so poorly built. the one that is hanging is still in progress... the frankin bike with the lamp is my rider it's a 80's model with a 3 speed hub and speed shifter mixed matched parts from other schwinns!!! (except the seat)


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New to vintage bikes. My experience has been with vintage BMX, but I just acquired 2 bikes. 1 is a Schwinn Built BF Goodrich Spitfire (I think) the other is a Schwinn ladies Breeze. The breeze appears to be complete and the Spitfire is rough. So, I am in need of finding more info and parts on the so-called spitfire. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure if I'm doing this correctly or not - I am new on here - I'm curious about the blue ladies bike you have pictured. Can you tell me what model/year it is? Thank you


I live for the CABE
Schwinn deseas are, Schwinnaholic, Schwinnstupid, Schwinninsane, Schwinnloco.........


I have been trying to attach vintage Schwinn lights & speedometer to my '54 Panther.
Anyone got a link to setting up the ole Schwinn Approved French Speedometer/Odometer?
The unit itself is gorgeous old chrome, and reads 3137 miles.
While we're at it: how in the H%*# do I remove my handlebars & stem, to install the Schwinn Approved headlight.
I've done my damndest to carefully break it down, WD40 etc. The stem & bars will not budge loose! AHRRRGH…