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Went picking and found a Spaceliner

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Look Ma, No Hands!
Like the title says, went picking at a local collector's private barn (which is mind blowing to say the least) and left with a Sears Murray Spaceliner. I don't have a ton of knowledge on these and This example is clearly missing parts. My questions are is this a 1964 and earlier model? Also, its missing a rear rack. Were these color matched to the headlight (red) and did these years contain a taillight in the rack as well as a lower reflector or just the taillight? Im finding so many combinations.

My assumption is im missing a taillight, red rack, also reflector, both pedels.





Thank you for the link regarding the Spaceliner references. It's funny, I just stumbled upon it and read it and then checked my notifications. And here is the link back to it LOL funny how that works.

In regards to the comment about the deluxe model, I have yet to look up a serial number but I thought the deluxe model had a different chain guard? Or maybe that was just a later model year option. I did happened to find second hand a rear rack with the mounting brackets, the correct color red, but no tail light. So at least I have that now. I also was able to find a rear reflector for the bottom of the rear fender. I am still in search of a era correct Allstate tire for the rear as it currently has a Raliegh branded rear tire. The front is the original Allstate. And I was able to locate the correct Spaceliner petals with the red reflectors on the side. One was roached and the other was roached but by combining the two pairs of petals I purchased, I'll make one good set.
I'll post pictures tonight of the parts so we at least have a before and after shot.
So here are some updated pics to follow up on my previous post. I sanded down the tank with wet 800, 1500, 3000 sandpaper then polished the paint and it somewhat brought back the color. I started doing the same on the rear rack but the paint is not as thick or maybe just too worn so its a delicate process.













Cousin Evil:
Nice! As Cousin Curtis suggests, you should find the serial number on the rear dropout. According to the catalog cuts in Hurd & Gordon, 1964 and 1965 Deluxe Spaceliners have the same serial numbers, which are 46901 for the single speed and 46921 for the two speed. Your bike even has the turbine defragulator, which attaches to the chain wheel and cools the drive train. It's a bummer if your chain melts during reentry. If your want to spiff up your paint with a quick spray, I recommend Dupli-color #317 Currant Red. I found that to be a good match for the Flamboyant Red on my 1960 Flightliner (see pic below). Keep us informed of your progress and have fun!

flightliner closter.jpg
I painted my tank as there was little to no color remaining. still need to do the rack...............they are fun and easy to ride bikes. 😀 Those Allstate tires are a little hard to find ......but , their out there . Thanks for the updates on your progress Evil K 88 😁






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Wow, just the info and pics I needed. That paint color will be very helpful! CURTIS, what did you use or what did you do to get your frame polished like that? I polish parts every day for other projects. This bike almost seems like it was chrome then a clear or film was added overtop? Im not having a ton of luck bringing it back to a real chrome look, although it is much better. Blue Magic is my go to polish and my final sealent I actually use a paint sealent/polish called MAGIC available on Amazon. Works amazing on metal too.
So I finished polishing the remaining chrome other than the frame today. I did receive 2 original pedals in the mail which are rough but Im expecting a second set soon. My plan is to combine the two and make one good pair. Found some Allstate tires but Good Golly Miss Molly are they pricey!