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What bike did you ride today?

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Do those bars flex alot? Two footers?
Nope, they don't flex at all. It toke a few spins to get the angle correct and comfortable to steer. And you have to tighten them down very tight, it don't take much push or pull to spin them in the stem otherwise. I took them off my trike project and they are about 4" to talk for the Huffy, I'm sitting closer then on the trike, and the trike seat is higher as well. I'll get the next size down for this bike and shift the seat back some.
Rode The Northern Rail Trail to check out the "hurricane" damage. It was windy but nothing out of the ordinary. There was a lot of small debris on the trail. Stopped at the turntable, Chance pond, and then Webster lake. Caught the sunset at Chance pond on the way back. An Excellent time on a beautiful evening. Stay safe and have fun. Hammerhead





I rode seven old bikes around the track yesterday.
My good friend Jaume organised a riding day for a local Mallorcan cycling club to experience some old bikes on the Sineu Velodrome.
The riders ( male and female) all turned up on modern carbon fibre machines after a 50k ride and were amazed by what they saw.
Bikes ranging from pre 1910 to the 1930's, some road bikes and some track bikes.
Most had never ridden fixed gear before which is why we had some of Jaume's early Road race bikes out too.
They quickly got the hang of it and many beaming smiles were in evidence.
Here are some of the bikes, my favourite is in the first photo,a locally built 'Maimo' track bike.....





...some of the guys enjoying the podium.....

...and the Velodrome.....

...25 of us eventually sat down to a very long lunch in the adjacent bar.
A very enjoyable day, I had so much fun.
I was the last man out on the track!
Lucky Sunday for me. My lady went shopping with my 2 daughters for clothes while I grabbed the ‘69 Typhoon for a blast around town.


Had a rest and took in the scent from the old pine trees.


Fitzroy Gardens, Uptown Melbourne


St Patrick’s Cathedral


I came across the city’s oldest surviving pub, The Devonshire Arms built in 1843.

A row of Victorian era terraces. A great day cruising around town on my favorite single speed bike Lazarus.
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Do those bars flex alot? Two footers?
No flex at all. Do need to make sure to tighten the stem bolts as tight as possible. They don't need a lot of pressure forward, backward or twisting from side to side to move them. I'm actually going to order the size just below these. For me personally I like my arms to be almost level horizontally. Less wind resistant especially on a motorcycle. And I feel they are about 3-4 inches to tall. So they will go back on the trike.
@Hammerhead - glad you are all OK up in New England. You just never know the tracks these storms can take. I remember the '91 Halloween Gale (The Perfect Storm) that actually retrograded and moved back towards the coast, causing immense damage in New England.

I have cousins that live in Derry and Londonderry. Your pics make me want to pay them a visit.😁

@ozzie - Melbourne is a beautiful city. Great pics!