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What bike did you ride today?

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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Last Day today as a Working Joe, Full Retirement after today !
Dude! So Awesome!
...i am really looking forward to the Day, to say, "Nope, not working, call someone else."☺️
Hello All cabers and mates.

This is Manny from Mexico (Tlaquepaque Jalisco) today was a nice and happy day because After almost 2 years and a half finally I could ride some of my bicycles again (under my lady's eye lol) she was riding close to me, really I feel very very happy and thankful Because ride on is a happiness that can't be described for me after many many months, si we took two bikes and go to downtown to get a breakfast and couple coffees after 15 kilometers or ridding looking many many riders ( there is an special trip all weekends in my place so many streets are closed to ride bicycle safe and careful)

God bless America God bless bicycle and God bless everyone.
We met before; years ago at Vet's Stadium Cycle swap... another one of the bike-guys, "Ooglin" that RAD Bike, & Badge you have.

He told me he hadn’t done anything to that bike. He said he bought it exactly like it is a few years ago

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Barry @barneyguey asked about originality, back in Nov. 2018

Manny, you have many friends here, pics by Mark @markivpedalpusher
Glad you're riding again!

Mr. Monkeyarms

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Although it was pretty windy yesterday I had to get in a ride! Turns out there was an Air Show at Jeffco Airport as I was riding nearby in Superior to watch while catching my breath between laps. 😲 A pleasant surprise! (& maybe a bit hard to see in pics) Older planes mostly & wind did't help with the sky writing. Pretty much erased it almost immediately....🤷‍♂️





Wore out three sets of tires already!
Rode a 58 Hornet Deluxe today

Got off trail and rode down side street to get pic in front of this cool old garage.


Sometimes I have to refrain myself from cleaning a bike up much, this bike is pretty crusty in person, but part of the reason I like it so much.
Threw this Troxel saddle I’d recently got on, thinking it was better then seat on it. ( it looked better) Took me almost the whole ride to realize it was missing the front saddle frame spring. ( Dumb me) It worked but was obviously stiff and squeaking bad at times, but riding on gravel didn’t really hear it. I already put old seat back on and will have to find another frame or spring.

Supposed to rain today but got blessed, only felt a few sprinkles. Rode 31 miles today.
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Finally riding a big boys bike
Happy 1st day of retirement @Che ! Starting it off right, RIDING
Thank you
Much appreciated and Thanks to all the nice comments from the CABE Family
I will set my goals for a minimum of 5X a week for a Hour & Been taking 20 Minute Brisk Walks at sunset .
I have too many Old Bikes and gotta get them in rotation & I’m Grateful to have many great Bike trails & Paths in my area
And no more 54 miles in each direction coming & going commute Gives me more Bike Build Time