What bike did you ride today?

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Apr 1, 2016
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK
Regular commute route to work today 15 miles round trip, very humid!
Rochester still sporting the bar/stem combo for my 'National' project. Great fun.....


Big gear, cool bars and brakeless! Even rides good no-handed.....

Enjoy your rides people.
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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Sep 25, 2012
Beach Cities, CA 92708
May 1936 Electric got all new ball bearings and a new rear cog and front chain ring and new chain.
It rides super nice.
Electricians pipe bender used to remove the rear cog as a breaker bar.


Marty @cyclingday had a spare one for me and came over to go for a ride.
Thanks again!


Mint It’s It ice cream sandwiches are the bomb.



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I live for the CABE
Apr 17, 2017
Chicago Suburbs
Today I got a bike story for the ages.

Early this morning my sister went on vacation, and asked me to watch her puppy. Its a Malinois. "Which is probably one of the fastest most agile dogs you can find". She did not seek this breed out, the dog was adopted as a puppy and she was told it was a shepherd mix, The first time I saw it I told her I don't see any shepherd in it. As it got older it became apparent to her what it actually is. Over the last few months she has been going on bike rides with her dog and she gave me this harness to put on my own bike so I can do the same. She recommended I do it once a day to tire him out.

Sometime this afternoon, I decided to give it a try, as he was a running circles throughout the home at lightning speed. Everything was going great, until I decided to snap a picture of the experience. I stopped for a photo and told him to sit. I then snapped this one photo about a mile from my home.


While taking the photo, a bird landed in the grass about 20 feet away, and He took off after it. The bike fell over, (It's falling over in this photo). This freaked him out, and he somehow slipped out of the harness. He instantly ran about three blocks west of my home, and I took off after him on foot in my clip-less bike shoes.

He then turned around and ran all the back to my house (not in a strait line), I chased him in circles back to the house and pretty much through every yard on the way, we ran across several busy streets multiple times, Once he got back to my house I tried catching him for about 20 minutes running circles around my neighborhood. He then heard a dog bark and took off again. He ultimately ran into a yard, and I asked the homeowner who was sitting outside for help. She quickly ran indoors and came out with a granola bar, using the granola bar I eventually was able to get him close enough to grab him.

I tore my ACL many years ago, and have not run this fast in at least 15 years. (I did not even know I could run, but I guess the adrenaline was pumping enough that I wasn't thinking about it).

It took me well over a hour to catch him. Once I carried him back to the house I then set off to retrieve the bike hoping it was still where I left it, Luckily it was. I sure got my exercise today, (A 10 minute bike ride, and a hour of chasing this little rocket in circles).

We took off early this afternoon, and its now 3:38 PM. I posted this as soon as I got home. I'm glad it ended well, as it would have been bad if I had to tell my sister I lost her puppy on the very first day. "PS: She is never going to hear this story". For a while I thought I was never going to catch him, as he is not very familiar with me, and would not let me get closer than 20 feet away.

Edit: Well it worked, He is now taking a nap on his bed. I think this is the first time I have seen him lay down since I picked him up. Imagine trying to catch a dog, that is capable of moving like this:

I have had shepherds my entire life and thought they were fast, this guy is on a completely different level of agility.
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