What bike did you ride today?

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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Sep 25, 2012
Beach Cities, CA 92708
More pics from the 1st 28 miles, before the ride to Orange.:p

I met @Cory this morning to ride to the HB Pier.
We chatted a bit and took pics while he drank his coffee.
Then I rode away to go to the end of Newport's Balboa peninsula; the Wedge.

I met my Sweetie at her Mom's house for Mothers' Day Hugs.
I rode to the Circle City Ride in Orange from here.
Great day of riding Velvet; more than 60+ miles.

Even I can see this one's due for some maintenance.:eek:


I live for the CABE
Feb 2, 2018
Utah - United States
I am in need of such a mechanic; How Much??
Price per bike? How often does it need maintenance? How many miles can I go before it needs it again?
I need one of those mechanics. How much? Priceless!! Price per bike? Alot. How often? Often. How many miles? It depends.
I probably shouldn't have promised him that rose garden, but he did voluntary legal work for me so he earned it. I also love to work on bikes so win/win.

21st Century Hawthorne Flyer got let out of the cage today for a couple hours. About 37mi. of riding inland towards the Santa Ana's up San Diego Creek.

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I live for the CABE
Jan 12, 2019
Fun Mother’s Day ride on the canal with the whole family. Zip tied a basket on the bars of my 1990 Specialized Rockhopper Comp and my wife happily overlooked the inoperable front shifter. :)

We stopped by the Roadrunner on our way to what the kids call “the other far away park”.


So much fun riding my grandpa’s 41 World on the canal with my wife and kids. :cool:


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Jan 21, 2013
Bulverde, TX
a couple of cool bikes showed up on yesterday's group ride. Stevo and I rode in from his house to turn it into 28 needed miles.
The greenways are blown out with run-off from monsoon rains, and yesterday was a beautiful window between the rains.
First off, the lead group in the sprint totally smoked me yesterday - I had to be a minute behind them.
But a couple of bikes worth showing - first, this beautiful lugged steel Waterford with first-gen Campy Chorus (came in with the pack).

At coffee stop, this great project bike turned out, a TiGg'd steel mountain bike frame, now on 700c wheels; a different 700c steel unicrown front fork with TiGg'd boss added for disc brake, unpainted (hasn't yet added the boss for a rear brake caliper)
Those blue-anodized levers are Paul Components Engr.

and a really nice job on a smart brazed-stainless-tubing porter rack

As project bikes go, Stevo rode his Schwinn World Sport frame built with SRAM 2-speed auto, dyno lamps, though he may have found a Mercian frame to move all the parts over.
This bike has 2 gears, 78" and 55", and Steve made a very respectable showing on it, finishing about a minute behind me and far ahead of the pack.
It also does a great job on the northside rolling hills.

my '74 International - all the parts on this bike once sported my '76 Grand Prix
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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Dec 24, 2017
Mechanicsville, MD, United States
I rode my 79 Suburban to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
This is a lovely shot of a gloomy, getting ready to rain day, and a bunch of buzzards sitting on the roof of the church.

Stared to sprinkle, parked under this conveyor. Had to wait about 20 minutes to get my prescription filled
I thought I was gonna beat the rains back home. WRONG!

Despite getting a little drenched, it was still a good ride.
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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Apr 1, 2016
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK
Shots from yesterday and today.
Out on the Vindec for a shopping run first thing.
Got caught up in the classic vehicle show cruise through the town centre, one lady shouted "I like the look of your engines!" as I cycled past; she was stood near the opticians I hasten to add.
Went down on the Rochester late morning to scout the bicycle sale. Found a 1" to 1 1/8" head tube shim I needed for a project I'm working on, Nice!
Then went out for a 15 miler on the 'Morot' ending back at the vehicle show to meet some people.
Here's Rob's Lambretta in all it's glory; it started first time yesterday morning after our efforts on Saturday night.....
WP_20190512_12_17_33_Pro (3).jpg

Some nice American machines on show.....
WP_20190512_15_07_22_Pro (2).jpg

WP_20190512_15_09_02_Pro (2).jpg

This was my favourite of all those amazing machines on display (although the sound of the Murcielago was an awesome experience).
This is"Betsie", an acquaintance built her from the remains of an Austin 7, buried in a garden for almost 50 years.....
WP_20190512_15_35_59_Pro (3).jpg

WP_20190512_15_36_29_Pro (3).jpg

700cc's of very basic transportation, with my basic machine in the background!

Out on the Vindec again last night and today.....
WP_20190512_19_15_01_Pro (2).jpg

WP_20190512_19_44_32_Pro (2).jpg

One last shot from tonight.....

Awesome photos as usual in this thread recently, really enjoy seeing everyone's locales, keep it coming!
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