What bike did you ride today?

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Wore out three sets of tires already!
Apr 27, 2010
El Lago, TX 77586, USA
Thank you Pete.
I was thinking of you when I built another Hot Rod.
I rebuilt this ND wheel-set with a 9 tooth cog. 24 tooth front ring (Like Pete's).;)
Brand new Schwalbe Fat Franks and Tubes.
I removed 2lbs, 10oz: BC side stand and rail-road lock.:eek:
I will not be as fast as Pete @SKPC but at least it will be Faster.
1938 Twinbar Tiki Roadster, badged Rust Junkie.:D
Let's Ride!
I really dig riding it with old wheels and 1" pitch chain; fresh lube and new tires.
It's fast and a blast to ride!

Sweet frame!
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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Sep 25, 2012
Beach Cities, CA 92708
I achieved a goal of doing the "OC Beach Ride", 3 times consecutively; with the miles to and from the beach, total 100 miles.
Marty @cyclingday met me for lunch at Sanchos.
I had a Large fresh Strawberry Lemonade at about 42 miles in.

Wedge 1st trip above;
Water Tower 1st trip below.


I found a large pelican feather to stick in my hat, on the bike trail today in Newport.:cool:


This is the Wedge 2nd trip; the tiki is a lil' wet.:eek:


Water tower 2nd trip.
From here I ride to HB for Tacos and chips and guacamole.:D
Then to Wedge for the 3rd time.


Water tower 3rd time, 85 miles pedaled, 15 to get home.

I'm thinkin' the Best one I've had in awhile.:D


I live for the CABE
Apr 1, 2016
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK
Another busy week, another late posting.
Rode the Rochester into Wallingford town centre to promote the cycling festival.
The women's 'Tour of Britain' (stage 3) was passing through; with TV cameras present we didn't want to miss out on free promotion!
I parked up outside the town museum.....
WP_20190612_11_26_12_Pro (3).jpg

There was an intermediate sprint finish line right here. The Rochester attracted a lot of attention, including from the race organisers.
One other guy I chatted with was from Missouri, small world!

Here's a photo of the peloton starting their sprint for 2nd. place points. A lone breakaway rider had already taken first spot.....
WP_20190612_12_07_09_Pro (2).jpg

Sadly, around 15 minutes later, the race was neutralised and brought to a halt.
One of the riders in the build up to the second sprint of the day hit a pothole, bringing down another nine; nine riders ultimately had to abandon the race completely.
A real shame!


Wore out three sets of tires already!
Feb 2, 2018
Utah - United States
Ibis mtb yesterday between rains. Not antique but made for the job. 2hrs. Our community lost a dear friend in an mtb accident on Monday, and I thought of her a lot while riding. She was alone as she usually was and was found off her bike with a broken neck by a friend. The community is really busted up about it. I raced and rode with her since the 80's, incredibly strong rider. She will be missed by so many who knew her and looked up to her as an original local. RIP Cindy.



Keep on...we'll miss you.

Brian R.

Finally riding a big boys bike
Oct 16, 2015
Toronto, Canada
Rode my mid '80s Canadian-built Marinoni early this morning to check out the NBA victory celebrations. Originally I wanted to take my 1917 Hyslop so I could say it was made in Toronto with American parts - much like the Raptors team - but the fast & light choice was a good one to circle the downtown core quickly. Also, a heavy bike with fenders and wide bars would have caused more problems when I got jammed in the crowds at key intersections. It was so crazy - fireworks, flag waving, bottles breaking, beer spraying, pole climbing, car honking - that I only managed photos of the bike in the tamer areas. I think the face on the box is kissing my bike she likes it so much ;-)





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