What bike did you ride today?

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I live for the CABE
May 26, 2014
Hammond Indiana
Had 48 out last couple days. Took off S-2s+ replaced with drop centers had on 37 ( M.O. Stamped) Then replaced front axle and took off all grease that was on discs(ND). Lubed chain but left pedal keeps locking up. Also changed out royal chains for schwinn cords Big difference.

mike j

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Jun 3, 2013
Tuxedo Park, United States
It's gotten warmer here today & tomorrow. Took these two down to the park, been working on the yellow band on the Roadmaster. The ND triple speed needed some adjustment too. Both these bikes are fun riders. Who remembers these old phone numbers?




Mr. Monkeyarms

I live for the CABE
Oct 30, 2018
Since I just finished the '55 Raleigh Sports yesterday just before the Denver Tweed Ride, I felt more comfortable taking my 1919 Arch Frame Mead Ranger since it is reliable and smoooooth. Live riding it!!:hearteyes:

The ride is hosted by RiNoVelo and this was it's 6th year. It was around 74° when everyone started showing up at 4:00pm and remained great for the rest if the night. We had about 40 people at the start of the ride.:)

First stop was Oskar Blues. Then we went to Cheesman Park to hang out with a case of PBR.

There was some drag racing.


Then around Denver with stops at a couple other bars before going back to the bike shop for awards and the 'Real' party.

This was Brian's (RiNoVelo) bike. Super sweet Torpado.



There were a lot of sweet rides present! Like this pair of '62 & '67 Raleigh Sports that look like it was their first ride.

I have never been to this ride before and it was an absolute blast!! I will be looking forward to it next year and hopefully get some of the Old Bikes Club to join the fun. Great bunch of people, great bikes, great weather made for an awesome way to spend a lovely evening in Colorado!! Brian at RiNoVelo was awesome and everyone had a great time.

At the end of the night (1ish this morning)my Mead was selected as "Best Bike" and got to select a piece of art! ;)

Definitely looking forward to next year!

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I live for the CABE
Feb 2, 2018
Utah - United States
Great posts all. Big day on the 37ish"T" serial number >>>Shelby Flyer > Carried me well. Windless again. Perfecto! Out to the coast, down Hwy1 where I picked up Steve who just happened to be going the same way. Great "kid" with a good head on his shoulders far beyond his 33 years. I imparted a bit more knowledge while riding with him. Newport back bay then up San Diego Creek to the turnaround at Laguna Canyon Road, then back in reverse to the Balboa Island Ferry across the bay, then up and down the cali coast for just under 70mi. Trouble-free except for the rear axle nuts loosening early in the ride before they finally stayed put. Long live long rides.





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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
Sep 25, 2012
Beach Cities, CA 92708
I rode the 1937 Syracuse with Veterans' Flags Flying.
Down to the beach, up to Orange, Circle City Ride, then back to the beach for "wind training":p


I stopped at the rest stop for a drink, and noticed my "Davy Crocket" hat, that hides my spare tube wasn't on my rack.
I went back to the bridge I crossed, and found it there.:D

Great day; great ride.
54 miles.


I live for the CABE
Jan 12, 2019
@Mr. Monkeyarms Glad to see your new friends respecting the Arch Frame. Looks like you were in good company. @SKPC @tripple3 You guys put in some long miles lately. Great riding!

Explored some new territory tonight. Tried to link a couple of canals together and chose a 1/2 mile of railroad tracks for part of it. Looked possible on the satellite map. :p I hit the trax after dark and it was nothing but sketchy stuff in the glow of my headlight. I made it through almost the entire 1/2 mile without getting off the saddle but had to go over/through tons of weeds, metal, and rocks. The last 200 ft before hitting the canal the grade got really steep between the trax and a wall and it wasn’t possible to muscle thru it. I had to hop off and walk the bike on the trax. It felt a lot better being back on the paved canal path and the inner tubes seem fine even now. I won’t be taking that route again.:)

Moon behind front tire.

Cool miniature train running kids and parents around this park.


16 miles on Gramp’s 1941 BFG New World
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Tim the Skid

I live for the CABE
Jan 3, 2013
Tacoma, United States
rode this with Tacoma's Skidkings yesterday, and took it out today for a "Salute to Veterans" ride today. It's a put together frankenbike and most of the parts are not correct. But it's fun to ride and people seem to like it. Thank You to all of you veterans for your service, and to all that served overseas, "Welcome Home!"


mike j

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Jun 3, 2013
Tuxedo Park, United States
It low 60's here today, almost 10 degrees more than predicted. Did the Columbia rail trail in north central western New Jersey, or thereabouts. Beautiful day, nice scenery. Did close to thirty miles before the battery died. The last five miles were totally pedal powered, oh the horror of it all!!! I survived, the weather is taking a downturn here for a while, nice while it lasted.



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