What bikes did you add in 2017?

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Sped Man

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Dec 5, 2012
Planet Gallifrey
I tried very hard to not buy anything last year but I was weak! Temptation was everywhere. Like always I will take the time to blame my wife ;-) She kept telling me not to buy anything but the rebel in me had other plans :) I ended up with a 1918 Sears Chief, a Silver king Flocycle and a 1908 Pierce bicycle.



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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Apr 7, 2012
Rathdrum, Idaho
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It's a bummer you didn't find anything good this year man. Always next year. And of course im totally kidding. Awesome bikes!

My first full year of collecting. I bought a couple in 2017 that will be here next week so I can't add them just yet. But I currently have 4 bikes to my collection.

36-37 Schwinn C mod
38-39 jewel tank.
32 iver
37 iver.

Not sure @Dan the bike man should
Participate in this thread. He may have 15 pages of bikes this year :)
Howdy! I was wondering what headbadge the C Model had? Thanks Barry


Wore out three sets of tires already!
Dec 6, 2006
Lake Worth, United States
2017 - This was an interesting one for me as 2/3 of the way through I became a retiree! During the course of the year we have taken in a few other resident/project types, and one that should not have been a project.... but FedEx took care of that so that I will be trying to fix what they damaged and let get away in shipping for yet a whole 'nother period of 2018!
We started out with the last 20" bike I intended to build, a '70 model Sting-Ray.
01  70 BF46762 A.jpg

02  70 BF46762 B.JPG

Once that was near complete, Something popped up that made me stop and latch on to another 20" project - a '64 Fleet. changed a few pieces of it but left the paint alone other than a little touchup
03  64 B470902 A.jpg

04  64 B470902 B.jpg

That was followed by a pre-war ('37) Straightbar - BA97. This was a bare frame, and is now a cruise-mobile.
05  37 X11028 A.jpg

06  37 X11028 B.JPG

And another pre-war followed in it's steps. This one was a mess in the fender department, and they are up for replacement at some point. One of the straight rear triangle editions from '37.
07  37 Y13386 A.jpg

07  37 Y13386 A.jpg

Next up was another 24" model - a '60 Corvette, again a frame, fork and guard to start with. Another fun rider.
Corvette 24.jpg

10  60 J037373 B 24.JPG

This was the time to put a '55 model 24" Flying star into rideable shape. Nothing fancy, just a continuation ride based on the 20" one thrown together a few years ago. It's ripe now!
11  55 S34628 A 24.jpg

12  55 S34628 B 24.JPG

Another 24" model came along - an American that matched the 26" one I got a year or two back. This was another piece thrown into the 24" lineup.
13  65 HA17843 A 24.jpg

14  65 HA17843 B 24.JPG

We found a nice, equipped, original paint '39 model C right here on the CABE. This one was to remain as original as possible with a cleanup and "underhaul." Cleaned up, polished up and greased up, it's up and running now.
15  39 B40374 A.jpg

16  39 B40374 B.JPG

And then there was another addition to the Fleet group, also a 24" bike and the same year ('64) as the first Fleet of 2017 - same idea, original paint touched up, and some different pieces thrown at it.
17  64 A428696 A 24.jpg

18  64 A428696 B 24.JPG

The end of the year became focused more on pre-war stuff - a '41 "World" frame, also right on the CABE, and not off the wall of wait yet. The fork, nor the crank/sprocket were purchased with this frame as those pieces were already sold when I hit the ad for the frame. I did end up with the Miller stand though! I have found both types of forks - truss and springer, which way will it go?
19  41 Autocycle A ~.jpg

Then a really large step for us, and an even larger mis-step for FedEx - A '34 Aero Cycle that was a complete restoration and quite a looker before the FedEx situation. I'm still waiting on a response from them at this time (almost two months later)
20  34 48108 A.jpg

Then, the last piece for the year, another bare frame and fork - a straight rear triangle doublebar roadster that appears to be a '37 model too. This one will be another cruise-mobile when finished.
21  37 Y04657 A ~.jpg

Let's go for 2018!! A lot less buying this year I'm sure, and I really want to get this Aero-Cycle situation done and over!

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Brian R.

Finally riding a big boys bike
Oct 16, 2015
Toronto, Canada
I hadn't realized I picked up so many bikes last year (no balloon tire bikes, sorry) until I thought about answering this thread (shhh, don't tell my wife)!! I confess I was shocked when I saw the list. I thought maybe I had bought around five or six bikes. Last year surely marked the climax of the acquisition stage of my collecting. From now on I think I will be focusing on finding parts and lacing rims for the bikes I already have. Last year added the following bikes that were all built by Canadian companies or in Canadian branch plants of US or British firms:

1896 Comet
1898 Lozier Cleveland Model 62 (Ladies)
1899 Lozier Cleveland Model 66
c.1916 Hyslop
1918 CCM Cleveland Model 455 (Ladies)
c.1921 Berlin & Racycle Motobike
1925 CCM Cleveland
1925 CCM Cleveland (Ladies)
c.1936 SCP (Standard Cycle Products) Motobike
1936 CCM Flyer track bike
1937 CCM Flyte
1939 CCM Motorbike with newspaper basket
c.1947 Sunshine Waterloo belt-drive boys & girls sidewalk bikes
c.1947 Thistle girls bike
1963 CCM Sabre
1963 CCM Imperial Mk II
1965 CCM Imperial Mk IV (girls bike for the wife)
1974 Supercycle 26" wheels - made by Raleigh Canada

Some photos (mostly as I got them):




Wore out three sets of tires already!
Apr 17, 2017
Chicago Suburbs
I'm still new in the hobby, and have not found, or made the investment in any real special ones yet, I'm still getting my feet wet. So far I have not really pursued any models in particular, and have bought everything inexpensively at garage sales, and sorts when a good opportunity arises. I'm still enjoying reading through all the posts here, and gaining knowledge before I make any larger purchases or seek out any specific models.

Along the way, I'm having some fun and also enjoy working on, as well as ridding the ones I have found.

Last year I picked up these:

The Sears bike in my Avatar
A Old Zep frame, not yet built up
A Burgandy 3-Speed Raleigh
A 56 Traveler with the Wing Schwinn Logo
A Nice Looking Forrest Green Schwinn Suburban that I have not fixed up yet
A Schwinn Letour (A bike I rode allot of last summer)
A 12 Speed Viscount, that I still need a good derailleur for
A 12 Speed Peugeot
A Miyata Three Ten
And a handful of Mountain Bikes most of which have already been fixed up and sold or given to friends. I think I finished the year with about 5 more bikes than I started with.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Jan 21, 2013
Bulverde, TX
'57 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix

I'll confess not stock - the bottom is entirely custom, beginning with custom Phil hubs, though the top is basically correct.
Proud of some of my touches - GB Arret brake levers, GB Map of England bars, Cyclo Super shifter, fork-boss-mounted lamp, and of course my FD-mounted Simplex chain guard.
I built the entire bike bolt-on, without altering the original-condition '57 frame in any way.
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