What is this Music Video Bike??


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Saw this bike years ago on a music video. The head badge never comes into view clearly so this is the best still I can snap. Every time I used to see that video I was only watching the bicycle.

Looks to be vintage. There is paint wear, the front and back tires don’t seem to match (one black wall and another possibly a dirty white wall).

Anyone know?



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appears to be an Italian product

the curved tube is a traditional design for ladies frames in Italy

would need more detail/images to make any guesses as to marque

date likely to be between 1950's and early 1960's

the five-piece steel front hub may be an Agrati product

the chainguard is probably a Mazzucchelli item -


if produced for the domestic Italian market the wheel size would be 650B

the letters M and A are legible on the chainguard, there is a third letter which appears it could be either a G or an S, unable to make it out clearly...

if you are able to make additional grabs from the video may be possible to give more information...

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Fritz Katzenjammer

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Definitely European... and yeah, only the Italians would enclose the chain and chrome the fork ends. The shoes must be protected and the ride stylish.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird

a few specifications -

headset & bottom bracket thread: Italian

shell width: 70mm

seat tube and down tube diameter: 28.6mm

steerer diameter: 25.4mm

stem diameter: 22.2mm

crank length: 170mm

crank wedgebolts: 9.0mm diameter with "medium" cut & false acorn nuts

pedal thread: 9/16"

stem & bar set: condorino pattern


stem/bar set likely to be a product of Varese, Schierano or Ambrosio

handgrips likely REG brand

steel sidepull caliper brakes from a maker such as Agrati, Balilla, Super Rapid or Universal

the generic term for this sort of machine in Italian is "condorino" - what might be termed a "town bike" in English

if you are able to generate some additional vidcaps may be able to add a bit of further information...