Worksman Low gravity/Cycle truck

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    Worksman Low gravity/Cycle truck . As you can see its not original. I've added newly laced S2 rim with a nice Patina & a Shimano black coaster hub. Front rim & hub are original and have just repacked the bearings. Rear fender is a Prewar peaked fender in bare metal. Rear rack is also prewar but can not remember which bike its from. It also has Schwinn cranks with freshly packed bearings it needs grips & thats really it I also would put a the front stand but never got around to purchasing. It rides nice but only was used to take the "lil Lady Zoey" out with us on rides hence the wood frame insert ZONK DONK (which is not included with the bike). 20180610_141758.jpg 20180610_141718 (1).jpg 20170610_170420.jpg 20180610_141810 (2).jpg 20180610_141621 (1).jpg 20180610_141612 (1).jpg 20180610_141556 (2).jpg 20180610_141529.jpg . Thanks for looking. $350.00 obo. 20180610_141502 (1).jpg
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