Found WTB 5 1/2" Schwinn crank


Finally riding a big boys bike
Putting a Schwinn Fairlady frame together and need a crank for it. This will not be 100%
original, so I'm not worried about a correct date code. Must have decent chrome (no heavy rust).

Anyone have one that is not Ebay crazy priced?


Wore out three sets of tires already!
Still looking....
does not need to be NOS or excellent, just decent rider condition.
I can look, I may have a decent rider crank. I will give you a good price on it and put money with that to buy the NOS crank if the other member finds it.
I am building a Pig Bike for a build off and could appreciate an NOS crank to move me to polish the rest of the chrome better.
Hope this works out for all of us.

ABC Services

Wore out three sets of tires already!
I have this used one available. DM if interested.