Yes it's Sunday's Show and Tell 7/3/22

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Finally riding a big boys bike
Stopped by a somewhat local non-profit bike shop looking for parts and dropping off a bike as well. Picked these up at a great price.


I live for the CABE
Picked up a couple of schwinns this week. Found the Boys at 4:45 this morning at the flea I stop at before selling at another flea. Literally drove with a wheel over my head the van was so packed. Thanks to Kirk and Brant for the help leading me to the lady’s bike. Found a sweet collection of various magazines from 1995 with Jerry covers. Had another great day selling average authentic vintage stuff to the hipster crowd at Rochester’s lucky flea market. A couple I sold a tandem to last year showed me their wedding picture with the bike today. Great stuff! Have a great 4th everyone. Have fun stay safe.





New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Picked up this 1985 Bob Jackson mountain bike at Cycles de Oro, met the proprietor, Dale Brown @Dale Brown and bought the wife a mountain bike while there. Dale and his crew were a pleasure to work with and we hope to visit again soon. My wife and I stopped by my good friend Wayne’s @Wayne Cannon yesterday and had a great visit. Our wives took off to watch a movie and we tinkered with bicycles and smoked cigars! A pic of Wayne’s ‘40 Elgin Twin Bar hot rod.

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Looks like an amazing shop! Thanks for sharing Shawn.

New Mexico Brant

Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Got my '41 Autocycle Super Deluxe resto from my pal Bobby U. I've plastered pics everywhere possible this week on the Cabe beaming with joy. Just 2 more ( ok 3), I promise.

I got a some neat tin cars. A somewhat rare boxed Yonezawa Japan Police version Oldsmobile ( dig the working windshield wipers that move with the friction motor siren and litho'd gear in the rear storage) with original box from Holland and a really sweet ATC Japan maroon MGA, SUPERB quality/same seller.

Always looking for more space, I did a "pick" of some thrift/value village/Sally Anne stores and found a neat chrome 3 tier pie shaped rack ( fruit rack?) that displays 8-10 tin toy cars well.

Oh yeah, I bought a couple of big tin T.N ( Toy Nomura) 16" Mustangs fastbacks out of Japan on Ebay. One has an electrical tether with a BIG plastic steering wheel and gear shift. Battery rot, so no longer a "driver" but neat just the same. The other "Stang" is a friction drive. Both red, but one pastel, one metallic. I had never owned one before, View attachment 1656124

seen them, always thought the image litho'd on the rear "luggage shelf" behind the window were golf clubs. They are a bow and arrow set!! Look out!

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Just LOVING the mirrors on the Mustang! How many tin cars do you own Bob? Museum display in the works.