How do I tell how old my HUFFY bike is?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Old Bicycles' started by Lala44621, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Lala44621

    Lala44621 Guest

    I have an older Huffy bike.... It is a 70 BENDIX Patented in USA. I have the serial number and need to know how I can find out more about it.
    Have had a gentleman call me 3 times this week wanting to know what I am doing with it. (I used it in my garden as a prop this Summer.)
    I would hate to just give it away and find out it was worth something.....
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    May 22, 2006
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    post pictures
  3. musclebikes

    musclebikes Guest

    Huffy really didd't write down their date codes. So your bike cant be dated. But if you can post pictures or give me an extremely detailed description I might be able to help. Im a muscle bike guy and with that rear hub it sounds like a 20 in. musclebike. Ide like to know color, chain gaurd, name( chain gaurd) what the seat looks like, handle bars.

    And does it look anything like this?
  4. Lala44621

    Lala44621 Guest

    My Huffy bike

    Will post pics later today... it does NOT look liek the bike you posted....I don't think it is a muscle bike.....
  5. musclebikes

    musclebikes Guest

    cool, sounds like a plan I cant wait to see them.:)
  6. Lala44621

    Lala44621 Guest

    Sorry- no pics

    Forgot to charge battery- will try tomorrow.......

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